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right nobly. And when they were aland, she came to them with great reverence and feasted them the best she might, and thanked them right humbly, and caused all the knights and other to lodge at their ease in the castle and in the town, and the next day she made them a great feast at dinner. All night and the next day also the engines never ceased to cast ; and after dinner sir Gaultier of Manny, who was chief of that company, demanded of the state of the town and of the host without, and said : ` I have a great desire to issue out and to break down this great engine that standeth so near us, if any will follow me.' Then sir Ives of Tresiguidy said how he would not fail him at this his first beginning, and so said the lord of Landernau. Then they armed them, and so they issued out privily at a certain gate, and with them a three hundred archers, who shot so wholly together that they that kept the engine fled away; and the men of arms came after the archers and slew divers of them that fled, and beat down the great engine and brake it all to pieces. Then they ran in among the tents and lodgings and set fire in divers places and slew and hurt divers, till the host began to stir : then they withdrew fair and easily, and they of the host ran after them like mad -men. Then sir Gaultier said: `Let me never be beloved with my lady, without I have a course with one of these followers' ; and therewith turned his spear in the rest, and in likewise so did the two brethren of Levedale and the Hase of Brabant, sir Ives of Tresiguidy, sir Galeran of Landernau and divers other companions. They ran at the first comers : there might well a been legs seen turned upward. There began a sore meddling, for they of the host always increased, wherefore it behoved the Englishmen to withdraw toward their fortress. There might well a been seen on both parties many noble deeds, taking and rescuing. The Englishmen drew sagely to the dikes and there made a stall, till all their men were in safeguard ; and all the residue of the town issued out to rescue their company, and caused them of the host to rescue back. So when they of the host saw how they could do no good, they drew to their lodgings, and they of the fortress in like wise to their lodgings. Then the countess descended down from the castle with a glad cheer and came and kissed sir Gaultier of Manny and his companions one after another two or three times, like a valiant lady.


SUMMARY.-The French abandoned the siege of Hennebont and retired to Auray. The castle of Conquest was taken by the French and retaken the next day by sir Walter de Manny.

The French took Dinan, Guerande, Auray and Vannes. Sir Walter de Manny defeated sir Louis of Spain at Quimperle. Carhaix was surrendered to sir Charles of Blois, who then returned to the siege of Hennebont. There he was joined by sir Louis of Spain, who was much angered by the defeat at Quimperle.


How sir John Butler and sir Hubert of Frenay were rescued from death before Hennebont.

ON a day sir Louis of Spain came to the tent of sir Charles de Blois and desired of him a gift for all the service that ever he had done, in the presence of divers lords of France. And sir Charles granted him, because he knew himself so much bound to him. ` Sir,' quoth he, ` I require you cause the two knights that be in prison in Faouet to be brought hither, that is to say sir John Butler and sir Hubert Frenay, and to give them to me, to do with them at my pleasure. Sir, this is the gift that I desire of you : they have chased, discomfited and hurt me, and slain my nephew Alphonso. I cannot tell how otherwise to be revenged of them, but I shall strike off their heads before the town in the sight of their companions.' Of these words sir Charles was abashed and said : `Certainly with right a good will I will give you the prisoners, sith ye have desired them ; but surely it should be a shameful deed to put so to death such two valiant knights as they be, and it shall be an occasion to our enemies to deal in like wi

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