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How the earl of Montfort took the town and castle of Brest.


How the earl of Montfort took the city of Rennes.


How the earl Montfort took the town and castle of Hennebont.

SUMMARY.-The earl of Montfort received the surrender of Hennebont, Vannes, Auray and other places, several being gained by the influence of Herve de Leon.


How the earl Montfort did homage to the king of England for the duchy of Bretayne.

SUMMARY. - The earl of Montfort passed over to England and carne to Windsor, where he was well received by the king and queen. He offered to do homage for the duchy of Brittany, fearing that the French king would support Charles of Blois. The king of England thought that he might more profitably enter France from Brittany than from Flanders, and accepted the homage, promising to defend him against every man, the French king or other. The earl then returned to Brittany.


How the earl Montfort was summoned to be at the parliament of Paris at the request of the lord Charles of Blois.

SUMMARY.-Sir Charles of Blois, conceiving himself to be the rightful inheritor of Brittany by reason of his wife, came to Paris and complained to king Philip against the earl of Montfort. Philip summoned the earl to Paris, and he carne with some four hundred horse. He appeared before the king and the peers of France, and denied having done homage to Edward III. for the duchy of Brittany, but maintained his pretensions, submitting at the same time to the judgment of the kin,;. He was ordered not to quit Paris for fifteen days and promised to obey, but when he returned to his lodging he `sat and imagined many doubts,' and finally left Paris secretly and returned to Brittany.


How the duchy of Bretayne was judged to sir Charles of Blois.

SUMMARY.-The French king was displeased when he knew that the earl of Montfort was so departed. When the day came for judgment to be given, the peers and great barons decided that the duchy of Brittany belonged clearly to the wife of Charles de Blois. Sir Charles of Blois desired his cousin the duke of Normandy, his uncle the earl of Alenfon, with the duke of Burgundy, the duke of Bourbon and other lords present, to go with him into Brittany, and they departed to make them ready.


The lords of France that entered into Bretayne with sir Charles of Blois.

SUMMARY. - The lords who have been mentioned assembled at Angers and proceeded to Ancenis, and so entered Brittany and took Champtoceaux. They then went towards Nantes, where the earl of Montfort was, and laid siege to it. Skirmishes occurred divers times at the barriers, and on one occasion the men of the city commanded by Herve de Leon suffered heavy loss. Herve de Leon was blamed by the earl and was much displeased thereby.

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