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the country captain there, called Simon Wisbey, and with him divers other of the country. These tidings came to the king of England before Tournay.


Of the great host that the French king assembled to raise the siege before Tournay.

YE have heard before how the king of England had besieged the city of Tournay with more than six score thousand men of arms, with the Flemings. And because the victuals within the city began to minish, the French lords within caused to avoid out of the town all manner of poor people, such as were not furnished to abide the adventure of the siege. They were put out in the open day, and they passed through the duke of Brabant's host, who shewed them grace, for he caused them to be safely brought to the French host at Arras, whereas the king lay. And there he made a great assembly of men of his own country and part out of the Empire.' Thither came to him the king of Bohemia, the duke of Lorraine, the earl of Bar, the bishop of Metz and of Verdun, the earl of Montbeliard, sir John of Chalons, the earl of Geneva, the earl of Savoy and the lord Louis of Savoy his brother. All these lords came to serve the French king with all their powers. Also thither came the duke of Bretayne, the duke of Burgoyne, the duke of Bourbon, the earl of Alencon, the earl of Flanders, the earl Forez, the earl Armagnac, the earl of Blois, sir Charles of Blois, the earl of Harcourt, the earl Dammartin, the lord Coucy, and divers other lords and knights. And after came the king of Navarre with a goodly number of men of war out of the country in France that he held of the French king, and thereby he came to serve him: also there was the king of Scots with a certain number appointed to him. OF this deed that sir Robert Bailleul had done the French king was right joyous. And within a season after the earl of Hainault, sir John his uncle, and the seneschal of Hainault with a six hundred spears, Hainowes and Almains, departed from the siege of Tournay. And the earl sent to them of Valenciennes, that they should come and meet with him before Mortagne, and to come between le Scarpe and l'Escault to assail Mortagne. And they came thither in great array, and brought with them great engines. The lord of Beaujeu, who was captain within Mortagne, greatly doubted assaulting, because the fortress stood near to the river and near to Hainault, as on all parts therefore he caused twelve hundred piles to be driven in the river, to the intent that no passage should be that way. Howbeit for all that, the earl of Hainault and the Hainowes came thither on the one side, and they of Valenciennes on the other part, and incontinent they made an assault and approached the barriers ; but there were such deep trenches, that they could not come near. Then some advised to pass the river of le Scarpe, and so to come on the side toward Saint-Amend, and to make an assault at the gate toward Maulde ; and as theydevised, a four hundred passed the river. So then Mortagne was closed in three parts; the weakest side was toward Maulde ; howbeit there was strength enough. To


SUMMARY.-The king of France with his army moved up from Arras towards t The person spoken of is of course king Philip, but the translator has made the passage obscure by omissions. Tournay. Two German knights of the garrison of Bouchain riding abroad with five-and-twenty spears routed and `distrussed 'certain French soldiers of Mortagne, who were returning with booty. Sir William de Bailleul and sir Waflard de la Croix with a body of Hainaulters crossed the Pont-a- Tressin and attacked the French encampment. They were routed, chiefly by sir Robert de Bailleul, brother of sir William; and sir Waflard de la Croix being taken prisoner was put to death by the men of Lille. CHAPTER LIX How the earl of Hainault assailed the fortress of Mortagne in Picardy by divers manners.

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