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that the king of England should remove about Maudlin-tide after, and lay siege to Tournay ; and there to meet all the said lords and theirs, with the powers of all the good towns : and then every man departed to their own houses, to apparel them in that behalf.


How the king of England besieged the city of Tournay with great puissance.

THE French king after the departure of these lords from the council of Vilvorde he knew the most part of their determination. Then he sent to Tournay the chief men of war of all France, as the earl of Eu, constable of France, the young earl of Guines his son, the earl of Foix and his brethren, the earl Aimery of Narbonne, sir Aymar of Poitiers, sir Geoffrey of Charny, sir Gerard of Montfaucon, the two marshals, sir Robert Bertrand and sir Matthew de Trie, the lord of Cayeu, the seneschal of Poitou, the lord of Chatillon, and sir John of Landas, and these had with them valiant knights and squires. They came to Tournay and found there sir Godemar du Fay, who was there before. Then they took regard to the provision of the town, as well to the victuals as to the artillery and fortification ; and they caused to be brought out of the country thereabout wheat, oats and other provision. Now let us return to the king of England. When the time approached that he and his allies should meet before Tournay, and that the corn began to ripe, he departed from Gaunt with seven earls of his country, eight prelates, twenty-eight bannerets, two hundred knights, four thousand men of arms. and nine thousand archers, beside footmen. All his host passed through the town of Oudenarde, and so passed the river of l'Es-cault and lodged before Tournay at the gate called Saint-Martin, the way toward Lille and Douay. Then anon after came the duke of Brabant with more than twenty thousand men, knights, squires and commons ; and he lodged at the bridge of Rieux by the river of l'Escault between the abbey of Saint Nicholas and the gate Valenciennois.1 Next to him came the earl

1 That is, the gate leading towards Valenciennes. of Hainault with a goodly company of his country, with many of Holland and Zealand; and he was lodged between the king and the duke of Brabant. Then came Jaques d'Arteveld with more than sixty thousand Flemings, beside them of Ypres, Poperinghe, Cassel, Bergues ; and they were set on the other side, as ye shall hear after. Jaques d'Arteveld lodged at the gate SainteFontaine : the duke of Gueldres, the earl of Juliers, the marquis of Brandebourg, the marquis of Meissen, the earl of Mons, the earl of Salm, the lord of Fauquemont, sir Arnold of Baquehem and all the Almains were lodged on the other side, toward Hainault. Thus the city of Tournay was environed round about, and every host might resort each to other, so that none could issue out without spying.


SUMMARY.-During the siege of Tournay the earl of Hainault rode into France and burnt some villages. The Flemings made assaults on Tournay from the river, but won nothing.


How the Scots won again great part of Scotland while the siege was before Tournay.

Now it is to be remembered how sir William Douglas, son of William Douglas' brother, who died in Spain, and the earl Patrick, the earl of Sutherland, sir Robert of Versy,1 - sir Simon Fraser and Alexander Ramsay, they were captains in such part of Scotland as was left unwon by the Englishmen. And they had continued in the forest of Gedeours the space of seven year, winter and summer, and as they might they made war against the Englishmen being there in garrison. Some time they had good adventure and some time evil : and while the king of England was at siege before Tournay, the French king sent men of war into Scotland, and they arrived at Saint John's
1. Kervyn de Lettenhove makes it probable that this name, which frequently occurs among those of the leading barons of Scotland, is Froissart's corruption of Erskine.

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