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there feasted them honourably, and specially the duke of Brabant and Jaques d'Arteveld. And there Jaques d'Arteveld openly in the market-place, in the presence of all the lords and of all such as would hear him, declared what right the king of England had to the crown of France, and also what puissance the three countries were of, Flanders, Hainault and Brabant, surely joined in one alliance. And he did so by his great wisdom and pleasant words, that all people that heard him praised him much, and said how he had nobly spoken and by great experience. And thus he was greatly praised, and it was said that he was well worthy to govern the county of Flanders. Then the lords departed, and promised to meet again within eight days at Gaunt, to see the king of England ; and so they did. And- the king feasted them honourably, and so did the queen, who was as then newly purified of a son called John, who was after duke of Lancaster by his wife, daughter to duke Henry of Lancaster. Then there was a council set to be at Vilvorde, and a day limited.


How King Robert of Sicily did all that he might to pacify the kings of France and England.

WHEN the French king heard ]row his army on the sea was discomfited, he dislodged and drew to Arras, and gave leave to his men to depart till he heard other tidings ; and sent sir Godemar du Fay to Tournay to see that there lacked nothing. He feared more the Flemings than any other, and sent the lord of Beaujeu to Mortagne to keep the frontiers against Hainault: and he sent many men of war to SaintOmer's, to Aire and to Saint-Venant, and purveyed sufficiently for all the fortresses fronting on Flanders. In this season there reigned a king in Sicily called Robert, who was reputed to be a great astronomer, and always he warned the French king and his council, that in no wise be should fight against the king of England ; for be said it was given the king of England to be right fortunate in all his deeds. This king Robert would gladly have seen these two kings at a good accord ; for be loved so much the crown of France, that he was right sorry to see the desolation thereof. This king of Sicily was at Avignon with pope Clement and with the college there, and declared to them the perils that were likely to fall in the realm of France by the war between the said two kings, desiring them that they would help to find some means to appease them: whereunto the pope and the cardinals answered how they would gladly intend thereto, so that the two kings would hear them.


Of the council that the king of England and his allies held at Vilvorde.

AT this council holden at Vilvorde were these lords as followeth : the king of England, the duke of Brabant, the earl of Hainault, sir John his uncle, the duke of Gueldres, the earl of Juliers, the marquis of Brandebourg, the marquis of Meissen, the earl of Mons, sic Robert d'Artois, the lord of Fauquemont, sir William of Duvenvoorde, the earl of Namur, Jaques d'Arteveld, and many other great lords, and of every good town of Flanders a three or four personages in manner of a counsel. There was agreement made between the three countries, Flanders, Brabant and Hainault, that from thenceforth each of them should aid and comfort other in all cases. And there they made assurance each to other, that if any of them had to do with any country, the other two should give aid, and hereafter if any of them should be at discord one with another, the third should set agreement between them : and if he were not able so to do, then the matter should be put unto the king of England, in whose hands this matter was sworn and promised, and he to agree them. And in confirmation of love and amity they ordained a law to run throughout those three countries, the which was called the law of the companions or allies.' And there it was determined 1 This should be: `They ordained that coins should be struck to run in all the three countries, which be called companions or allies.' The translator has been misled by the expression `faire une loys' (Toys' mean

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