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king's ships were ready, he took the sea and so sailed into England and came to London about the feast of Saint Andrew, where he was honourably received. And there he had complaints made him of the destruction of Hampton, and he said that he trusted or a year longer that it should be well revenged.


How the Frenchmen brent in the lands of sir John of Hainault.

Now let us speak of king Philip, who greatly fortified his navy that he had on the sea, whereof sir Quieret, Behuchet and Barbevaire1 were captains; and they had under them a great retinue of Genoways, Normans, Bretons and Picards. They did that winter great damage to the realm of England: sometime they came to Dover, Sandwich, Winchelsea, Hastings and Rye, and did much sorrow to the Englishmen, for they were a great number, as a forty thousand men. There was none that could issue out of England, but they were robbed, taken or slain ; so they won great pillage, and specially they won a great ship called the Christofer, laden with wools, as she was going into Flanders, the which ship had cost the king of England much money, and all they that were taken within the ship were slain and drowned; of the which conquest the Frenchmen were right joyous. The French king then sent and wrote to the lord of Bosmont, the lord of Vervins,2 to the vidame of Chalons, the lord John de la Bove, the lord John and Gerard of Lor, that they should make an army and to ride into the lands of sir John of Hainault, and to burn and destroy there as much as they might. They obeyed, and gathered together to the number of five hundred spears; and so in a morning they came before the town of Chimay and gathered together there a great prey; for they of the country thought that the Frenchmen would not have come so far, nor to have passed the wood of Thierache. So the Hugh Quieret, Nicholas Behuchet and Pietro Barbavara. 2 `To the lord of Bosmont and Vervins': his name was Jean de Coucy. Frenchmen burnt the suburbs of Chimay and divers other villages thereabout, nigh all the land of Chimay except the fortresses: then they went to Aubenton in Thierache and there divided their booty. In the same season the soldiers of Cambray came to a little strong house without Cambray, called Relenghes, pertaining to sir John of Hainault ; and a bastard son of his kept the house with a fifteen soldiers with him : so they were assailed a whole day together, and the dikes were so frozen, that a man might well come to the walls ; and so they within trussed all that they had and about midnight departed, and set fire themselves on the house. The next day, when they of Cambray came thither again and saw how it was brent, they did beat down all that stood. And the captain of the house and his company went to Valenciennes. Ye have well heard before bow sir Gaultier of Manny took the castle of Thun and set therein a brother of his called Giles of Nanny: he made many skirmishes with them of Cambray, and did them much trouble. And so it happened on a day that he went from his garrison with a sixscore men of arms and came to the barriers of Cambray. And the brunt was so great, that many armed them within the city and came to the gate whereas the skirmish was, whereas sir. Giles had put back them of Cambray. Then they issued out, and among the Cambreses there was a young squire, a Gascon, called William Marchand, who went out into - the field well horsed, his shield about his neck and his spear in his hand. And when sir Giles of Manny saw him, he rode fiercely to him ; and there sir Giles was stricken through all his harness to the heart, so that the spear went clean through his body, and so he fell to the earth. Then there was a fierce skirmish, and many stricken down on both parts; but finally they of Cambray obtained the place and drove away their enemies, and took with them sir Giles of Manny, hurt as he was, and so brought him to Cambray with great joy. Then incontinent they disarmed him and did get surgeons to dress his wound, for they would gladly that he might [have] escaped; but he died the nex

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