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and kept the straits between England and France with a great navy, knew that the war was open, they came on a Sunday in the forenoon to the haven of Hampton, while the people were at mass : and the Normans, Picards and Spaniards entered into the town and robbed and pilled the town, and slew divers, and defoiled maidens and enforced wives, and charged their vessels with the pillage, and so entered again into their ships. And when the tide came, they disanchored and sailed to Normandy and came to Dieppe; and there departed and divided their booty and pillages.


How king Edward besieged the city of Cambray.

THE king of England departed from Mechlin and went to Brussels, and all his people passed on by the town. Then came to the king a twenty thousand Almains, and the king sent and demanded of the duke of Brabant what was his intention, to go to Cambray or else to leave it. The duke answered and said that as soon as he knew that he had besieged Cambray, he would come thither with twelve hundred spears, of good men of war. Then the king went to Nivelle and there lay one night, and the next day to Mons in Hainault ; and there he found the young earl of Hainault, who received him joyously. And ever sir Robert of Artois was about the king, as one of his privy council, and a sixteen or twenty other great lords and knights of England, the which were ever about the king for his honour and estate, and to counsel him in all his deeds. Also with him was the bishop of Lincoln, who was greatly renowned in this journey both in wisdom and in prowess. Thus the Englishmen passed forth and lodged abroad in the country, and found provision enough before them for their money ; howbeit some paid truly and some not. And when the king had tarried two days at Mons in Hainault, then he went to Valenciennes ; and he and twelve with him entered into the town, and no more persons. And thither was come the earl of Hainaul and sir John his uncle, and the lord of Fagnolle, the lord of Werchin, the lord of Havreth and divers other, who were about the earl their lord. And the king and the earl went hand in hand to the great hall, which was ready apparelled to receive them; and as they went up the stairs of the hall, the bishop of Lincoln, who was there present, spake out aloud and said: ` William bishop of Cambray, I admonish you as procurer to the king of England, vicar of the Empire of Rome, that ye open the gates of the city of Cambray ; and if ye do not, ye shall forfeit your lands and we will enter by force.' There was none that answered to that matter, for the bishop was not there present. Then the bishop of Lincoln said again : `Earl of Hainault, we admonish you in the name of the emperor, that ye come and serve the king of England his vicar before the city of Cambray with such number as ye ought to do.' The earl, who was there present, said, ' With a right good will I am ready.' So thus they entered into the hall, and the earl led the king into his chamber, and anon the supper was ready. And the next day the king departed and went to Haspres, and there tarried two days and suffered all his men to pass forth ; and so then went to Cambray and lodgedat Iwuy, and besieged the city of Cambray round about, and daily his power increased. Thither came the young earl of Hainault in great array, and sir John his uncle, and they lodged near to the king, and the duke of Gueldres and his company, the marquis of Meissen, the earl of Mons, the earl of Salm, the lord of Fauquemont, sir Arnold of Bakehem, with all the other lords of the Empire, such as were allied with the king of England. And the sixth day after the siege laid thither came the duke of Brabant with a nine hundred spears, beside other, and he lodged toward Ostrevant on the river of l'Escault, and made a bridge over the water to the intent to go from the one host to the other. And as soon as he was come, he sent to defy the French king, who was at Compiegne, whereof Leon of Crainhem, who had always before excused the duke, was so confused, that he would no more return a

Page 47 (Chronicles of Froissart)