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Paris and did his message in such manner that he could not be reproached nor blamed: and so he had a safe-conduct to return again to his king, who was as then at Mechlin.


How sir Walter of Manny after the defiances declared made the first journey into France.

IN the first week that the French king was thus defied, sir Walter Manny, as soon as he knew it, he gat to him a forty spears and rode through Brabant night and day, till he came into Hainault and entered into the wood of Blaton, as then not knowing what he should do. But he had skewed to some of them that were most priviest about him, how he had promised before ladies and damosels or he came out of England, that he would be the first that should enter into France, and to get either town or castle, and to do some deeds of arms. And then his intent was to ride to Mortagne and to get it if he might, the which pertained then to the realm of -France : and so rode and passed the wood of Blaton, and came in a morning before the sun-rising to Mortagne, and by adven. lure he found the wicket of the gate open. Then he alighted with his company and entered in, and did set certain of his company to keep the gate, and so went into the high street with his pennon before him and came to the great tower, but the gate and wicket was fast closed. And when the watch of the castle heard the brunt and saw hem, he blew his horn and cried, `Treason ! reason !' Then every man awoke and made them ready, and kept themselves still within the castle. Then sir Walter of Manny went back again and did set fire in the street joining to the castle, so that there were a threescore houses brent and the people sore afraid, for they weened all to ave been taken. Then sir Walter and his company rode back straight to Conde and there passed the river of Hayne. Then they rode the way to Valenciennes and coasted on the right hand and came to Denain, and so went to the abbey, and so passed forth toward Bouchain, and did so much that the captain (lid let them pass through by the river. Then they came to a strong castle pertaining to the bishop of Cambray, called the castle of Thun, the which suddenly they took, and the captain and his wife within. And the lord Manny made a good garrison and set therein a brother of his called sir Giles Manny, who afterward (lid much trouble to the city of Cambray, for the castle was within a league of the town. Then sir Walter Manny returned into Brabant to the king his sovereign lord, whom he found at Mechlin, and there shewed him all that he had done.


How that after the said defiances made the Frenchmen entered into England.

As soon as king Philip knew that he was defied of the king of England and of his allies, he retained men of war on every side, and sent the lord Galois de la Baume, a good knight of Savoy, into the city of Cambray, and made him captain there, and with him sir Thibalt de Moreuil and the lord of Roye, so that they were, what of Savoy and of France, a two hundred spears. And king Philip sent and seized into his hands the county of Ponthieu, the which the king of England had before by reason of his mother : and also he sent to divers lords of the Empire, as to the earl of Hainault his nephew, to the duke of Lorraine, the earl of Bar, the bishop of Metz, the bishop of Liege, desiring them that they would make no evil purchase against him or his realm. The most part of these lords answered how they would do nothing that should be against him ; and the earl of Hainault wrote unto him right courteously how that he would be ready always to aid him and his realm against all men, but seeing the king of England maketh his war as vicar and lieutenant of the Empire, wherefore, he said, he might not refuse to him his country nor his comfort, because he held part of his country of the emperor. And as soon as sir Hugh Quieret, sir Peter Behuchet t and Barbevaire, who lay

1 The true name is Nicholas Behuchet : Froissart has probably confused him with his brother.

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