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sir Louis of Bavaria, then emperor, had wedded. And there the marquis of Juliers was made an earl,' and the duke of Gueldres, who before was an earl, was then made a duke. And the emperor gave commission to four knights and to two doctors of his council to make king Edward of England his vicar-general throughout all the Empire, and thereof these said lords had instruments public, confirmed and sealed sufficiently by the emperor. which endured a long season after : and the French king sent men of war into Scotland, to keep war against the Englishmen, as sir Arnold d'Audrehem, who was after marshal of France, and the Lord of Garencieres, and divers other knights and squires. The French king thought that the Scots should give so much ado to the realm of England, that the Englishmen should not come over the sea to annoy him.


How king David of Scotland made alliance with king Philip of France.

IN this season the young king David of Scotland, who had lost the best part of his land and could not recover it out of the hold of the Englishmen, departed privily with a small company and the queen his wife with him, and took shipping and arrived at Boulogne, and so rode to Paris to king Philip, who greatly did feast him, and offered him of his castles to abide in and of his goods to dispend, on the condition that he should make no peace with the king of England without his counsel and agreement ; for king Philip knew well how the king of England apparelled greatly to make him war. So thus the king there retained king David and the queen a long season, and they had all that they needed at his cost and charge; for out of Scotland came but little substance to maintain withal their estates. And the French king sent certain messengers into Scotland to the lords there, such as kept war against the Englishmen, offering them great aid and comfort, so that they would take no peace nor truce with the king of England, without it were by his agreement or by the accord of their own king, who had in like wise promised and sworn. Then the lords of Scotland counselled together, and joyously they accorded to his request, and so sealed and sware with the king their lord. Thus this alliance was made between Scotland and France, the

1 The translator follows an inferior reading. It should be : `And then the marquis of Juliers wa made marquis of Juliers, who before was earl of uliers.'


How king Edward of England was made vicar-general of the Empire of Almaine.

WHEN the king of England and the other lords to him allied were departed from the parliament of Hal, the king went to Louvain and made ready the castle for his abiding, and sent for the queen to come thither, if it pleased her ; for he sent her word he would not come thence of an whole year, and sent home certain of his knights to keep his land from the Scots. And the other lords and knights that were there still with the king rode about the realm of Flanders and Hainault, making great dispense, giving great rewards and jewels to the lords, ladies and damosels of the country, to get their good-wills. They did so much that they were greatly praised, and specially of the common people, because of the port and state that they kept. And then about the feast of All Saints the marquis of )uliers and his company sent word to the king how they had sped ; and the king sent to him that he should be with him about the feast of Saint Martin; and also he sent to the duke of Brabant, to know his mind where he would the parliament should be holden; and he answered at Herck in the county of Loos, near to his country. And then the king sent to all other of his allies that they should be there. And so the hall of the town was apparelled and hanged as though it had been the king's chamber; and there the king sate crowned with gold, five foot higher than any other, and there openly was read the letters of the emperor, by the which the king was made vicar-general and lieutenant for the emperor, and had power given him to make laws and to minister justice to every person in the

Page 44 (Chronicles of Froissart)