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of Bar, the lord of Loos, the lord Fauquemont and divers other lords were allied together all against the duke of Brabant, and defied him and entered with a great host into his country by Hesbaing, and so came to Hanut, and brent twice over the country whereas it pleased them. And the king of France sent with them the earl of Eu his constable, with a great host of men of arms. Then the earl William of Hainault sent his wife, sister to the king, and his brother sir John of Hainault lord Beaumont into France to treat for a peace and sufferance of war between the king and the duke of Brabant. And at last the king of France with much work consented thereto, upon condition that the duke should put himself utterly to abide the ordinance of the king of France and of his council in every matter that the king and all such as had defied him had against him; and also within a certain day limited to avoid out of his country the earl of Artois: and to make short, all this the duke did sore against his will.


How king Edward of England took the town of Berwick against the Scots.

YE have beard herebefore recited of the would do us wrong, he should aid, succour truce between England and Scotland for and defend us for the love of his sister, the space of three year. And so the space whom we have married.' Then these amof one year they kept well the peace, so bassadors answered and said, `Sir, we have that in three hundred year before there was well understanded vour answer. We shall not so good peace kept. Howbeit Icing Edward of England was informed that the young king David of Scotland, who had wedded his sister, was seized of the town of Berwick, the which ought to appertain to the realm of England: for king Edward the first, his grandfather, bad it in his possession peaceably. Also the king was informed that the realm of Scotland should hold in chief of the crown of England, and how the young king of Scots had not done as then his homage. Wherefore the king of England sent his ambassade to the king of Scots, desiring him to leave his hands off the town of Berwick, for it pertained to his heritage ; for kings of England his predecessors have been in possession thereof: and also they summoned the king of

Scots to come to the king of England, to do his homage for the realm of Scotland.

Then the king of Scots took counsel how to answer this matter ; and finally the king answered the English ambassadors and said, Sirs, both I and all the nobles of my realm marvel greatly of that ye have required us to do : for we find not anciently that the realm of Scotland should anything be bound or be subject to the realm of England, neither by homage or any other ways: nor the king of noble memory our father would never do homage to the kings of England, for any war that was made unto him by any of them : no more in like wise I am in will to do. And also king Robert our father conquered the town of Berwick by force of arms against king Edward, father to the king your master that now is; and so my father held it all the days of his life as his good heritage: and so in like manner we think to do to the best of our power. Howbeit, lords, we require you to be means to the king your master, whose sister we have married, that he will suffer us peaceably to enjoy our franchises and rights, as his ancestors have done herebefore, and to let us enjoy that our father hath won and kept it peaceably all his life days : and desire the king your master that he would not believe any evil counsel given him to the contrary. For if there were any other prince that

shew it to the king our lord in like manner as ye have said.' And so tools their leave and returned into England to the king, with the which answer the king of England was nothing content. Then he summoned a parliament to beholden at Westminster, whereas all the nobles and wise men of the realm were assembled, to determine what should be best to be done in this matter. And in this meantime sir Robert earl of Artois came into England, disguised like a merchant, and the king received him right joyously and retained him as one of his council, and to him assigned the earldom of Richmond. And when the day of the parliament approached, and that all the nobles of the land were assembled about London, then

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