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them, the which ships with their stuff arrived at Sluys in Flanders. And sir John of Hainault and his company took their leave of the king, of the old queen, of the earl of Kent, of the earl of Lancaster and of all the other barons, who greatly did honour them. And the king caused twelve knights and two hundred men of arms to company them, for doubt of the archers of England, of whom they were not well assured, for they must needs pass through the bishopric of Lincoln. Thus departed sir John of Hainault and his rout in the conduct of these knights. and rode so long in their journey that they came to Dover, and there entered into the sea in ships and vessels that they found ready there apparelled for them. Then the English knights departed from thence, and returned to their own houses; And the Hainowes arrived at Wissant, and there they sojourned two days in making ready their horses and harness. And in the meantime sir John of Hainault and some of his company rode a pilgrimage to our Lady of Boulogne ; and after they returned into Hainault, and departed each from other to their own houses and countries. Sir John of Hainault rode to the earl his brother, who was at Valenciennes, who received him joyously, for greatly he loved him, to whom he recounted all his tidings, that ye have heard herebefore.


How king Edward was married to my lady Philippa of Hainault.

IT was not long after but that the king and the queen his mother, the earl of Kent his uncle, the earl of Lancaster, sir Roger Mortimer and all the barons of England, and by the advice of the king's council, they sent a bishop' and two knights bannerets, with two notable clerks, to sir John of Hainault, praying him to be a mean that their lord the young king of England might have in marriage one of the earl's daughters
1 This should be: 'And the other barons of England who had continued to be of the council of the king sent a bishop,' etc. Or according to a better text, 'took advice to marry him. So they sent a bishop,' etc.

of Hainault, his brother, named Philippa ; for the king and all the nobles of the realm had rather have her than any other lady, for the love of him. Sir John of Hainault lord Beaumont feasted and honoured greatly these ambassadors, and brought them to Valenciennes to the earl his brother, who honourably received them and made them such cheer, that it were over long here to rehearse. And when they had skewed the content of their message, the earl said, 'Sirs, I thank greatly the king your prince and the queen his mother and all other lords of England, sith they have sent such sufficient personages as ye be to do me such honour as to treat for the marriage ; to the which request I am well agreed, if our holy father the pope will consent thereto'-. with the which answer these ambassadors were right well content. Then they sent two knights and two clerks incontinent to the pope, to Avignon, to purchase a dispensation for this marriage to be had ; for without the pope's licence they might not marry, for [by] the lineage of France they were so near of kin as at the third degree, for the two mothers were cousin-germans issued of two brethren.' And when these ambassadors were come to the pope, and their requests and considerations well heard, our holy father the pope with all the whole college consented to this marriage, and so feasted them. And then they departed and came again to Valenciennes with their bulls. Then this marriage was concluded and affirmed on both parties. Then was there devised and purveyed for their apparel and for all things honourable that belonged to such a lady, who should be queen of England: and there this princess was married by a sufficient procuration brought from the king of England ; and after all feasts and triumphs done, then this young queen entered into the sea at Wissant, and arrived with all her company at Dover. And sir John of Hainault lord Beaumont, her uncle, did conduct her to the city of London, where there was made great feast, and many nobles of England,

Page 25 (Chronicles of Froissart)