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than it was before, and that the old king his father should be well and honestly kept as long as he lived, according to his estate. And thus as it was agreed by all the nobles, so it was accomplished ; and then was crowned with a crown royal at the palace of Westminster beside London the young king Edward the third, who in his, days after 'was right fortunate and happy in arms. This coronation was in. the year of our Lord MCCCXXVI., on Christmasday, and as then the young king was about the age of sixteen ; and they held the feast till the Conversion of Saint Paul following, and in the meantime greatly was feasted sir John of Hainault and all the princes and nobles of his country, and was given to him and to his company many rich jewels. And so he and his company in great feast and solace both with lords and ladies tarried till the Twelfth day.' And then sir John of Hainault heard tidings how that the king of Bohemia and the earl of Hainault his brother and other great plenty of lords of France had ordained to be at Conde2 at a great feast and tourney that was there cried. Then would sir John of Hainault no longer abide for no prayer, so great desire he had to be at the said tourney, and to see the earl his brother and other lords of his country, and specially the right noble king in largess the gentle Charles king of Bohemia. When the young king Edward and the queen his mother and the barons saw that he would no longer tarry, and that their request could not avail, they gave 'him leave sore against their wills, and the king by the counsel of the queen his mother did give him four hundred marks sterlings of rent heritable to hold of him in fee, to be paid every year in the town of Bruges, and also did give to Philip of Chateaux, his chief esquire and his sovereign counsellor, a hundred mark of rent yearly, to be paid at the said place, and also delivered him much money to pay therewith the costs of him and of his company, till he come into his own country, and caused him to be conducted with many noble knights to Dover, and there delivered hint all his passage free. And to the ladies that were come into

1 ' Jusques au jour des Roys.'
2 Conde-sur-Escaut.
3 'Le plus noble roy en largesse,' the most noble and liberal king.'

England with the queen, and namely to the countess of Garennes, who was sister to the earl of Bar, and to divers other ladies and damosels, there were given many fair and rich jewels at their departing.) And when sir John of Hainault was departed from the young king Edward, and all his company, and were come to Dover, they entered incontinent into their ships to pass the sea, to the intent to come betimes to the said tourney; and there went with him fifteen young lusty knights of England, to go to this tourney with him and to acquaint them with the strange lords and knights that should be there, and they had great honour of all the company that tourneyed at that time at Conde.


How that king Robert de Bruce of Scotland defied king Edward.

AFTER that sir John of Hainault was departed from king Edward, he and the queen his mother governed the realm by the counsel of the earl of Kent, uncle to the king, and by the counsel of sir Roger Mortimer, who had great lands in England to the sum of seven hundred pounds of rent yearly. And they both were banished and chased out of England with the queen, as ye have heard before. Also they used much after the counsel of sir Thomas Wake, and by the advice of other who were reputed for the most sagest of the realm. Howbeit there were some had envy thereat, the which never died in England, and also it reigneth and will reign in divers other countries. Thus passed forth the winter and the Lent season till Easter, and then the king and the queen and all the realm was in good peace all this season. Then so it fortuned that king Robert of Scotland, who bad been right hardy and had suffered much travail against Englishmen, and oftentimes he had been chased and discomfited in the time of king Edward the first, grandfather to this young
1 This should be: 'And the ladies especially the countess of Warren, who was sister to the earl of Bar, and divers other ladies, gave him great abundance of fair and rich jewels at his. departing.' The countess of Warren was daughter of Henry earl of Bar and of Eleanor, sister of Edward I.

Page 13 (Chronicles of Froissart)