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age to Saint Thomas of Canterbury, and so to Winchelsea, and in the night went into a ship that was ready for her, and her young son Edward with her, and the earl of Kent and sir Roger Mortimer, and in another ship they had put all their purveyance, and had wind at will, and the next morning they arrived in the haven of Boulogne.


How the queen of England went and complained her to the king of France her brother of sir Hugh Spencer.

WHEN queen Isabel was arrived at Boulogne, and her son with her and the earl of Kent, the captains and abbot of the town came against her and joyously received her and her company into the abbey, and there she abode two days: then she departed and rode so long by her journeys that she arrived at Paris. Then king Charles her brother, who was informed of her coming, sent to meet her divers of the greatest lords of his realm, as the lord sir Robert de Artois, the lord of Coucy, the lord of Sully, the lord of Roye and divers other, who honourably did receive her and brought her into the city of Paris to the king her brother. And when the king saw his sister, whom he had not seen long before, as she should have entered into his chamber he met her and took her in his arms and kissed her, and said, ` Ye be welcome, fair sister, with my fair nephew your son,' and took them by the hands and led them forth. The queen, who bad no great joy at her heart but that she was so near to the king her brother, she would have kneeled down two or three times at the feet of the king, but the king would not suffer her, but held her still by the right hand, demanding right sweetly of her estate and business. And she answered him right sagely, and lamentably recounted to him all the felonies and injuries done to her by sir Hugh Spencer, and required him of his aid and comfort. When the noble king Charles of France had heard his sister's lamentation, who weepingly had shewed him all her need and business, be said to her : ` Fair sister, appease yourself, for by the faith I owe to God and to Saint Denis I shall right well purvey for you some remedy.' The queen then kneeled down, whether the king would or not, and said: 'My right dear lord and fair brother, I pray God reward you.' The king then took her in his arms and led her into another chamber, the which was apparelled for her and for the young Edward her son, and so departed from her, and caused at his costs and charges all things to be delivered that was beboveful for her and for her son. After it was not long, but that for this occasion Charles king of France assembled together many great lords and barons of the realm of France, to have their counsel and good advice how they should ordain for the need and besynes of his sister queen of England. Then it was counselled to the king that he should let the queen his sister to purchase for herself friends, whereas she would, in the realm of France or in any other place, and himself to feign and be not known thereof; for they said, to move war with the king of England, and to bring his own realm into hatred, it were nothing appertinent nor profitable to him nor to his realm. But they concluded that conveniently he might aid her with gold and silver, for that is the metal whereby love is attained both of gentlemen and of poor soldiers. And to this counsel and advice accorded the king, and caused this to be shewed to the queen privily by sir Robert d'Artois, who as then was one of the greatest lords of all France.


How that sir Hugh Spencer purchased that the queen Isabel was banished out of France.

Now let us speak somewhat of sir Hugh Spencer. When he saw that he had drawn the king of England so much to his will, that he could desire nothing of him but it was granted, he caused many noblemen and other to be put to death without justice or law, because he held them suspect to be against him ; and by his pride he did so many marvels, that the barons that were left alive in the land could not

Page 5 (Chronicles of Froissart)