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Page 294(Chronology of Significant Events, 1973-1975)

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    The United States, Republic
of Vietnam (South Vietnam),   Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North
Vietnam), and the Provi-   sional Revolutionary Government of
South Vietnam (Viet Cong)   sign a peace agreement in Paris, France.
The Paris Accords provided   for three commissions to oversee
the implementation of the agree-   ments and resolve any differences.
The commissions were the four-   party Joint Military Commission (JMC)
representing each of the   belligerents, a two-party JMC representing
North and South Viet-   nam, and an international Commission
of Control and Supervision   (ICCS) consisting of representatives
from Canada, Poland, Hungary,   The Marine Advisory Unit of the Naval
Advisory Group in Viet-   nam is disestablished, and replaced
by the U.S. Vietnamese Marine   Corps Logistics Support Branch. This
is the last day of the 60-day   ceasefire period during which the
North Vietnamese released   American prisoners of war and in turn
the United States turned   over to the South Vietnamese irs military
bases and withdrew its   The U.S. Military Assistance Command,
Vietnam (USMACV), offi-   cially ceases to exist, replaced at
1900 Saigon lime by the U.S.   Defense Attache Office (DAO). The U.S., South Vietnam, North Vietnam,
and the Viet Cong sign   the implementation agreement to the
Paris Accords. Less than 250 U.S. military personnel,
which includes the 50 at the   DAO, remain in South Vietnam, the
maximum allowed by the   New Fiscal Year begins with a reduction
from 2.2 billion to 1.1 bil-   lion dollars in U.S. assistance to
South Vietnam. Communist troops ambush a JMC-sanctioned
MIA recovery mis-   sion, killing a U.S. Army officer
and wounding four American and       LtCol Anthony Lukeman
replaces LtCol George E. Strickland as   Chief, VNMC Logistic Supporr Branch,
Navy Division, DAO. Fiscal Year 1975 begins with funding
for South Vietnamese military   forces set at 700 million dollars,
down from 1.1 billion dollars. The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) 968th
Division moves into   South Vietnam's Central Highlands
from Laos, the first overt   deployment of a North Vietnamese division
into the south since  

Page 294(Chronology of Significant Events, 1973-1975)