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of the air command and
control system which controls all air

traffic and
air defense operations.
Tank, M4S-U.S. 50.7-ton
rank wirh a crew of four; primary arma-
ment is a Turret-mounted
90mm gun with one .30-caliber and
one .50-caliber
machine gun; has maximum road speed of 32
miles per hour
and an average range of 195 miles.
TAOC -Tactical Air Operations
Center, a subordinate component
of the air
command and control system which controls all air
traffic and
air defense operations.
TAOC-Tactical Area of Coordination. TAOI -Tactical Area of
Interest. TAOR-Tactical Area of Responsibility,
a defined area of land for which responsibility is
specifically assigned to a commander for
control of
assigned forces and coordination of support.
TAS S-Tactical Air Support
Squadron. TO-Table of Organization. TOE-Table of Equipment. TOW-U.S. M220 Tube-launched,
Optically-tracked, Wire-guided
antitank missile
    U-21-Beechcraf[ King Air,
twin-engine, turboprop Utility and pas-
UCMJ-Uniform Code of Military
Justice. UH-1-Bell Iroquois, single-rotor
light helicopter noted for its

maneuverability and
firepower; carries a crew of three; it can

be armed with
air-to-ground rocket packs and fuselage-mounted,
machine guns. Also known as a "Huey."
USA-United States Army. USAAG-U.S. Army Advisory
Group. USAF-United States Air
Force. USAID-U.S. Agency for International
Development. USARV-U.S. Army, Vietnam. USASuppCom-U.S. Army Support
Command. USMC-United States Marine
Corps. USN-United States Navy. US SAG/Seventh AF-United
States Support Activities
Air Force.
    Viet Cong-Term used to
refer 10 the Communist guerrillas in South
Vietnam; a
contraction of the Vietnamese phrase meaning "Viet-
namese Communists."
VCI - Viet Cong Infrastructure. VIS-Vietnamese Information
Service (South Vietnam). VMA-Marine Arrack Squadron. VMF(AW)-Marine Fighter
Squadron (All-Weather). VMFA-Marine Fighter Attack
Squadron. VMCJ-Marine Composite Reconnaissance
Squadron. VMGR - Marine Refueler
Transport Squadron. VMO - Marine Observation
Squadron. VNAF- Vietnamese Air Force. VNMC-Vietnamese Marine
Corps. VNMC LS B-Vietnamese Marine
Corps Logistics Support Branch,
of the Navy
Division. U.S. Defense Attache Office, Saigon.
VT-Variably timed electronic
fuze for an artillery shell which causes
an airburst
over the target area.
    WestPac-Western Pacific.

WIA-Wounded in Action.

Wild Weasel-Codename for
special techniques and aircraft used
to suppress
air defense electronic systems.
WFRC-Washington Federal
Records Center.

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