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OpO-Operation Order, a
directive issued by a commander to
commanders for the execution of an operation.
OPIan-Operation Plan, a
plan for a single or series of connected
to be carried out simultaneously or in succession;
directive issued
by higher authority to permit subordinate com-
manders to
prepare supporting plans and orders.
OpsO - Operations officer. OpSum-Operational Summary. OSJS (MACV)-Office of the
Secretariat, Joint Staff (Military As-
sistance Command
OV-10-North American Rockwell
Bronco, twin-engine, turboprop
and light-attack aircraft.
    P-3 -Lockheed Orion, four-engine,
turboprop naval patrol aircraft. PATMA-Pacific Air Traffic
Management Agency. Pave Nail-Radio call sign
for U.S. Air Force OV-10 with laser-
to control precision-guided munitions.
PAVN - Peoples Army of
Vietnam (North Vietnam). This acronym
was dropped
in favor of "NVA" (North Vietnamese Army).
PersO - Personnel officer. PF-Popular Force, Vietnamese
militia who were usually employed
in the defense
of their own communities.
PGM - Precision guided-munitions,
so-called "smart bombs." PUC-Photo Imagery Inrerpreration
Center. POL-Petroleum, Oil, and
Lubricants. PRC25 - Standard very-high-frequency
radio used by Marine ground
units in Vietnam
for communication over distances up to 25
PRG-People's Revolutionary
Government (Viet Cong). ProvMAG - Provisional Marine
Aircraft Group.     QL-Vietnamese acronym for
national highway.     R&R-Rest and Recreation. Recoilless Rifle, 106mm-U.S.
M40 single-shot, recoilless, breech-

loaded weapon which
weighs 438 pounds when assembled and

mounted for firing;
it has a sustained rate of fire of six rounds

per minute and an effective
range of l,365 meters.

R F-4 - Photographic-reconnaissance
model of the F4B Phantom. RF-SA-Vought reconnaissance
version of the F-8 Crusader. RF-Regional force, Vietnamese
militia who were employed in a
Rifle, M14-U.S. gas-operated,
magazine-fed, air-cooled, semi-

automatic, 7.62mm caliber
shoulder weapon, which weighs 12

pounds with a full 20-round
magazine; it has a sustained rate

of fire of 30 rounds
per minute and an effective range of 500

Rifle, M16 - U.S. gas-operated,
magazine-fed, air-cooled, automatic,
5.56 mm caliber
shoulder weapon, which weighs 3.1 pounds with
a 20-round
magazine; it has a sustained rate of fire of 12-15
rounds per
minute and an effective range of 460 meters.
RLT-Regimental Landing
Team. ROK-Republic of Korea. Rolling Thunder- Codename
for initial U.S. air operations over
RPG-Rocket Propelled Grenade. RVN-Republic of Vietnam
(South Vietnam). RVNAF-Republic of Vietnam
Armed Forces. R2-Reconnaissance Zone.     S-1, -2 et al.-Designations
for staff positions at regimenral and bat-

talion levels. S-1 refers
to the staff member responsible for per-

sonnel; S-2, intelligence;
S-3, operations; S-4, logistics; and S-5,

SACC Supporting Arms Control
Center. SAM Surface to Air Missile. SAR Search and Rescue. SATS - Short Airfield for
Tactical Support, an expeditionary airfield
used by Marine
Corps aviation that includes a portable run-way
surface, aircraft
launching and recovery devices, and other es-
sential components.
SCAMP-Sensor Control and
Management Platoon. SEATO-Southeast Asia Treaty
Organization. SecDef- Secretary of Defense. SecState-Secretary of State. SeventhAF- Seventh Air
Force, the major U.S. Air Force command
SeventhFlt -The U.S. Navy
fleet assigned to the Western Pacific. SID-Seismic Intrusion Device,
sensor used to monitor movement
through ground
SitRep Situation Report. SKS - Simonov-dcsigned.
gas-operated, 7.62mm semiautomatic
SMA-Senior Marine Advisor. SOP-Standing Operating
Procedure, set of instructions laying out
Sortie-An operational flight
by one aircraft. SOS-Special Operations
Squadron. SOW-Spccial Operations
Wing. SPG-Special planning group.  
TA-4-Douglas, dual-scat
version of the A-4 Skyhawk used as trainer
T-39-North American Rockwell
Sabreliner, twin-engine jet, used
as trainer
and passenger aircraft.
TAC(A)-- Tactical Air Coordinator
(Airborne), a designated avia-
tor who controls
and coordinates air support from an aircraft.
TACC-Tactical Air Control
Center, the principal air operations in-
for controlling all aircraft and air-warning functions
of tactical
air operations.
TACP- Tactical Air Control
Party, a subordinate operational com-
ponent of a
tactical air control system designed to provide air
liaison to
land forces and for the control of aircraft.
TADC-Tactical Air Direction
Center, an air operations installation
under the Tactical
Air Control Center, which directs aircraft and
aircraft warning
functions of the tactical air center.
TAFDS-Tactical Airfield
Fuel Dispensing System, the expedition-
ary storage
and dispensing system for aviation fuel at tactical
air fields.
It uses 10,000-gailon fabric tanks to store the fuel.
TAOC-Tactical Air Operations
Center, a subordinate component

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