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H&I-Harassing and Interdiction
tires. H&MS-Headquarters and
Maintenance Squadron. H&S Co-Headquarters and
Service Company. HC(A)- Helicopter Commander
(Airborne). HDC-Helicopter Direction
Center. HEALT- Helicopter Employment
and Landing Table. HH-3 - Sikorsky Sea King,
a single-rotor helicopter used for com-
HH-53-Sikorsky Sea Stallion,
twin-engine, single-rotor assault

helicopter in U.S.
Navy and Air three search and rescue config-


H-Hour-Specific time
an operation begins. HLZ-Helicopter Landing
Zone. HMH-Marine Heavy Helicopter
Squadron. HMM-Marine Medium Helicopter
Squadron, also the basis of com-

posite squadrons with
deployed forces.

Howitzer, 8-inch-U.S.
M55 self-propelled, heavy artillery piece with

a maximum range of
16,900 meters and a rate of fire of one

round every two minutes.

Howitzer, 105mm-U.S.
M101A1 cowed, general purpose light ar-

tillery piece with
a maximum range of 11.000 meters and maxi-

mum rate of fire of
four rounds per minute.

Howitzer, 155mm-U.S.
M1I4A towed and M109 self-propelled

medium artillery with
a maximum range of 15,080 meters and

a maximum race of
fire of three rounds per minute. The newer

and heavier self-propelled
M109 is largely road-bound, while

the lighter, towed
M1I4A can be moved either by truck or by


HST-Helicopter Support
Team. Huey-Bell Iroquois UH-1
series of helicopters. HQMC- Headquarters Marine
Corps.   ICCS-International Commission
of Conrrol and Supervision, es-

tablished by the Paris
Peace Accords of 1973 TO supervise the

implementation of
the accords. Composed of representatives

from Canada, Hungary,
Poland, Indonesia, and Iran.

I MAF-1 Marine Amphibious
force. IOD-Integrated Observation
Device. ITT-Interrogation/Translator
Team.   J-l, -2, et al,-Designation
for members of a joint staff which in-

cludes members of
several Services. J-l refers to the staff mem-

ber responsible for
personnel; J-2, intelligence; J-3, operations;

JCRC-Joint Casualty Resolution
Center. JCS-Joint Chiefs of Staff
(U.S.). JGS-Joint General Staff
(South Vietnamese). JMC-Joint Military Commission.
The four-power JMC represent-

ing the United States,
South Vietnam, North Vietnam, and the

Provisional Revolutionary
Government established by the 1973

Paris Peace Accords.

Jolly Green-Radio call
sign for USAF HH-53 helicopters of 40th

Aerospace Rescue and
Recovery Squadron (40th ARRS).

JUSPAO-Joint U.S. Public
Affairs Office.   KC-130 - Lockheed, in-flight
refueling tanker configuration of the
Khmer Rouge-Cambodian
Communists. KIA- Killed in Action. Knife-Radio call sign
for USAF CH-53 helicopters of 21st Special
Squadron (21st SOS).
  LAAW-US. M72 light antitank
assault weapon, also known as light
LCC-Amphibious Command
Ship. LCM-Landing Craft, Mechanised,
designed to land tanks, trucks,

and trailers directly
onto the beach. Also known as a "Mike boat."

LCPL-Landing Craft, Personnel,
Large. LCVP-Landing Craft. Vehicle,
Personnel, a small craft with a bow

ramp used to transport
assault troops and light vehicles to the

beach. Also known
as a "Papa boat."

LGB-Laser Guided Bombs,
commonly known as "smart bombs." L-Hour-The specific time
helicopters land in a helicopter landing

zone (USMC); launch
hour, when an aircraft leaves the ground

Linebacker- Codename
for the air and surface interdiction opera-

tions against North
Vietnam in 1972.

LKA-Amphibious Cargo
Ship. LOC-Lines of Communication. LORAN-Long Range Navigation,
a system of radio stations at

known positions used
for air and sea guidance.

LPD-Amphibious Transport
Dock, a ship designed to transport

and land troops, equipment,
and supplies by means of embarked

landing craft, amphibious
vehicles, and helicopters. It has both

a submersible well
deck and a helicopter landing deck.

LPH-Amphibious Assault
Ship, a ship designed or modified to
and land troops, equipmenr, and supplies by means
of embarked
LSA-Logistic Support
Area. LSD-Landing Ship Dock,
a landing ship designed to combat load,
and launch amphibious crafts or vehicles together with
crews and embarked personnel,
and to provide limited dock-
ing and repair
services to small ships and crafts. It lacks the
landing deck of the LPD.
LST-Tank Landing Ship.
a landing ship designed to transport heavy
and to land them on a beach.
LSU-Logistics Support
Unit. LtCol-Lieutenant Colonel. LTDS-Laser Target Designation
System. LtGen-Lieutenant General. LVTC-Landing Vehicle,
Tracked, Command, an amphibian vehi-
cle fitted
with radios for use as a command and control facility.
LVTE-Landing Vehicle,
Tracked, Engineer, a lightly armored am-
phibian vehicle
designed for minefield and obstacle clearance.
LVTP-Landing Vehicle,
Tracked, Personnel, an amphibian vehicle
used to land
and/or transport personnel.
    MAB-Marine Amphibious
Brigade, MABLEx-MAB Landing Exercise. MABS-Marine Air Base
Squadron. MAC-Military Airlift
Command. Machine Gun, ,50-Caliber-U.S,
M3 belt-fed, recoil-operated, air-

Page 290(The Bitter End)