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CH-47-Boeing Vertol Chinook,
a twin-engine, tandem-rotor trans-

port helicopter, designed
to carry a four-man crew and 33

combat loaded troops.

CH-53-Sikorsky Sea Stallion,
a twin-engine, single-rotor, heavy

transport helicopter
with an average payload of 12,800 pounds.

Carries crew of rhree
and 38 combat-loaded troops.

ClA-Cenrral Inrelligence
Agency. CID-Criminal Investigation
Division. CinCPac-Commander in Chief,
Pacific. CinCPacFlt-Commander in
Chief, Pacific Fleet. CIT-Counter Intelligence
Team. Class I. II, III, et al.-Categories
of military supplies, e.g.. Class

I, rations; Class II,
petroleum-oil-lubricants; Class V, ammu-


Claymore- M18A1 U.S. directional
antipersonnel mine. CMC-Commandant of the Marine
Corps. CMH-Center of Military
History, U. S- Army. COC-Combat Operations Center. ComdC - Command Chronology. ComdHist-Command History. CommO - Communications
officer. ComNavForPac - Commander,
Naval Forces, Pacific. ComNavForV- Commander,
Nava! Forces, Vietnam. ComUSMACV-Commander, U.S.
Military Assistance Command,


ComUSMACThai - Commander,
U.S. Military Assistance Com-
COSVN-Central Office of
South Vietnam, the nominal Com- munist military and political
headquarters in South Vietnam. C PX - Command Post Exercise. CRC - Control and Reporting
Center, an element of the U.S. Air

Force tactical air control
system, subordinate to the Tactical Air

Control Center, which
conducts radar and warning operations.

CRIMP - Consolidated Republic
of Vietnam Improvement and
CSC-Communications Service
Company. CV, CVA-Multipurpose Aircraft
Carrier.   DAO-Defense Attache Office. DASC-Direct Air Support
Center, a subordinate operational com-

ponent of the air control
system designed for control of close

air support and other
direct air support operations.

DC-8 - McDonnell Douglas
Jet Trader, a four-engine jet cargo and
transport aircraft.
D-Day-Day scheduled for
the beginning of an operation. DDG-Guided Missile Destroyer. DIA- Defense Intelligence
Agency. DMZ-Demilitarized Zone
separating North and South Vietnam. DOD-Department of Defense. DRV-Democratic Republic
of Vietnam (North Vietnam). Duster-Nickname for the
US, M42 tracked vehicle which mounts

dual 40mm automatic

  EA-6 - Grumman Prowler,
the electronic warfare version of the A-6A
EB-66-Douglas, a twin-engine
jet, electronic warfare version of

the B-66 Destroyer.

EC-130-Lockheed, a four-engine,
turbo-prop, electronic warfare

and communications version
of the C-130 Hercules.

ECC - Evacuarion Conrrol
Center. ECM-Electronic Countermeasures,
a major subdivision of electronic

warfare involving actions
against enemy electronic equipment

or to exploit the use
of electromagnetic radiations from such

ECCM - Electronic Counter
Countermeasures, the procedures and

equipment used to protect
communications and electronic

equipment from interference
or exploitation by an enemy.

ELINT-Electronic Intelligence,
the intelligence information gained

by monitoring radiations
from enemy electronic equipment.

EOD-Explosive Ordnance
Disposal. EPC - Evacuation Processing
Center. ETA. E TD - Estimated Time
of Arrival and Estimated Time of


  F-4-McDonnell Phantom II,
a twin-engine, two-seat, long-range,

all-weather jet interceptor
and attack bomber.

F-5-Northrop Freedom Fighter,
a twin-engine, single-seat, jet fight-

er aircraft.

Air Controller. FAC(A)-Forward Air Controller
(Airborne). Force Armee Nationale
Khmer, the Cambodian Army. PDC-Fire Direction Center. FMFPac-Fleet Marine Force,
Pacific. - Communist
headquarters subordinate to MR-5 responsi-

ble for Quang Nam Province.

FSB-Fire Support Base. FSCC-Fire Support Coordination
Center, a single location involved

in the coordination
of all forms of fire support.

FSR-force Service Regiment. FWMF-Free World Military
Force. FY-Fiscal Year, for example
"FY-74."     G-l, -2, et at,-Military
staff positions on a general staff, e.g., G-l

refers to the staff
member responsible for personnel; G-2, in-

telligence; G-3, operations;
G-4, logistics; and G-5, civil affairs.

Grenade Launcher-US. M79
or M203 single-shot, breech-loaded,

shoulder weapon which
fires 40mm projectiles and weighs ap-

proximately 6.5 pounds
when loaded; it has a sustained rate

of aimed fire of five
to seven rounds per minute and an effec-

GSF-Ground Security Force. Gun, 175mm - U.S. M107
self-propelled gun which weighs 62,000

pounds and fires a 147-pound
projectile to a maximum range

of 32,800 merers. Maximum
rate of fire is one round every two


GVN-Government of Vietnam
(South Vietnam).

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