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Page 288(Glossery of Terms and Abbreviations)

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A-l-Douglas Skyraider, a single-engine,
propeller-driven attack
A-4 -Douglas Skyhawk, a single-sear,
jet attack aircraft in service

on board carriers of the U.S. Navy
and with land-based Marine

A-6 Grumman Intruder, a twin-seat,
twin-jet attack aircrafr spe-

cifically designed 10 deliver weapons
on targets completely ob-

scured by weather or darkness.

A-7-Vought Corsair, a single-seat,
Jer arrack aircraft. A-3 7 - Cessna Dragonfly, a dual-seat,
twin-jet light attack aircraft. ABCCC-Airborne Battlefield Command
and Control Center, a

U.S. Air force aircraft equipped
with communications, data link,

and display equipment; it may be
employed as an airborne com-

mand post or a communications and
intelligence relay facility

AC-47 -Douglas Spooky, a twin-engine,
propeller-driven gunship

armed wirh four 7.62mm mini-guns
and illumination.

AC-119- Fairchild Shadow and Stinger,
a twin-engine, propeller-

driven gunship armed wirh four
7.62mm mini-guns and illu-

AC-130 - Lockheed Spectre, a four-engine,
turboprop gunship armed

with 20mm and 40mm guns. illumination,
and infrared capa-


ACCS-Airborne Command and Control
Squadron. AC BLT-Air Contingency Battalion Landing
Team. AESF-Amphibious Evacuation Security
Force. AH-1J-Bell Sea Cobra, twin-engine,
single rotor helicopter spe-

cifically designed for helicopter
escort and gunship support with

Air America-US. Government-sponsored
proprietary air transport


AK-47- Kalashnikov-designed. gas-operated,
air-cooled, magazine-

fed, 7.62mm automatic rifle, with
an effective range of 400

meters. Standard rifle of the North
Vietnamese Army.

ALMAR-A Commandant of the Marine Corps
bulletin directed

to All Marines.

ALO-Air Liaison Officer, a naval aviator/flight
officer attached to

a ground unit who is the primary
advisor TO the ground com-

mander on air operation matters.

ANGLICO-Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison
Company, a unit com-

posed of Marine and Navy personnel
specially qualified for con-

trol of naval gunfire and close
air support. ANGLICO personnel

normally provide this service while
attached to U.S. and allied


AO-Air Observer, an individual whose
primary mission is to ob-

serve from light aircraft in order
to adjust supporting arms fire

AOA-Amphibious Objective Area, a defined
geographical area wi-

thin which is located the area
or areas 10 be captured by an am-

Arc Light-Codename for B-52 bombing
missions in South


ARRS-Aerospace Rescue and Recovery
Squadron. ARVN-Army of the Republic of Vietnam
(South Vietnam). ASRT-Air Support Radar Team, a subordinate
operational com-

ponent of a tactical air control
system which provides ground-

controlled precision flight path
guidance and weapons release

for air attack.

  B-3 - North Vietnamese military command
established in the Cen-

tral Highlands of South Vietnam
to control military operations

in Kontum, Dar Lac, and Pleiku

B-40-Communist rocket-propelled grenade
launcher. B-52-Boeing Stratofonress. U.S. Air
force eight-engine, swept-wing,
Barrel Roll-Codename for air operations
over Laos. BDC-Base Defense Commander.   C-5-Lockheed Galaxy, four-engine Jet
transport aircraft. C-7-De Havilland Caribou, twin-engine,
propeller-driven trans-
C-117-Douglas Skytrain, a Twin-engine,
propeller-driven transport aircraft. The C-117 was an improved
version of the C-47, the C-123-Fairchild Provider, twin-engine,
propeller-driven transport
C-130-Lockheed Hercules, a four-engine,
turboprop transport
C-141-Lockheed Starliftcr, a foLir-engine
jet transport aircraft. CRC-Construction Engineer Corps. CH-46-Boeing Verrol Sea Knight, a
twin-engine, tandem-rotor

transport helicopter, designed
to carry a four-man crew and 17

Page 288(Glossery of Terms and Abbreviations)