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Page 280(The Bitter End)

88. CO, 388 TFW Korat RTAFB msg to CG, Seventh Air force, dtd

15May75 (MMF).

89. CG USSAG/Seventh Air force inquiry msg to CO, USS Henry

B. Wilson, dcd 17May75 (MMF).

90. "Mayaguez Invescigaiion."

91. 2/9 Koh Tang Reporr; CNA Mayaguez Report; "Assault on Koh


92. U.S. Embassy, Bangkok msg to Secretary of State, dtd l4May75


93. 2/9 Koh Tang Report; Maj William L. Smith incvw, dtd 15Dec84,

Tape 141A (Oral HistColl, MCHC).

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95. JCS msg to Mayaguez Rescue Operation participants, dtd

16May75, extracted from "Assault on Koh Tang," footnote 38.

96. Steele Comments.

97. CNA Mayaguez Report.

98. 2/9 Koh Tang Report.

99. Carey Comments.

Page 280(The Bitter End)