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Page 279(The Bitter End)

11. Mayaguez Surveillance Operation msg.

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dtd l4May75 (MMF).

Assault Preparations

22. Hearings on Seizure, Part IV, p. 76.

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27. 2/9 Koh Tang Reporr; CG USSAG/Sevenih Air Force msg to

units participating in recovery of Mayaguez, dtd l4May75 (MMF)

hereafter USSAG Mayaguez Ops msg.

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30. "Assault on Koh Tang."

The First Assault Wave

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The Linkup

48. "Individual Heroism."

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The Second Wave

53."Individual Heroism."

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62. Ibid.

The Retrograde

63. "Assault on Koh Tang"; CO, 388 TFW Korat RTAFB msg to

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SitRep 047 msg ro CinCPac, dtd 15May75 (MMF).

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teen Hours.

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n.d. (MMF), hereafter "Mayaguez Investigation"; "Assault on Koh

Tang"; Fourteen Hours.

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83. Seventh Air Force SitRep 049 msg to CinCPac, dtd 15May75


The Aftermath

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85. "Mayaguez Investigation."

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sault on Koh Tang."

87. "Mayaguez Investigation."

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