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Page 277(The Bitter End)

26. 9ih MAB ComdC.

27. USSAG/Sevenrh Air Force OPIan 5060V with revision 5, msg to all participating forces (Frequent Wind File), hereafter Frequent Wind OPIan.

28. Frequent Wind Helo Time Schedule; Col John J. Roosma, Jr. intvw, 170ct89, "lape 8909 (Oral HistColl, MCHC).

29. Frequent Wind Helo Time Schedule.

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31. 9th MAB AAR.

32. RLT 4 ComdC.

33. Smith Comments.

34. 1th MAB ComdC; Spec Sit Reps.

35. 9th MAB AAR; Melton intvw.

36. Melton intvw.

37. 9th MAB ComdC; RLF 4 ComdC; BIT 1/9 ComdC.

38. 9th MAB AAR.

39. Recorded rapes of radio rransmissions of 9th MAB helicoprers and ABCCC, 29Apr75 (Oral HisiColl, MCHC).

40. Guilmarrin Comments.

41. Spec Sit Reps.

42. BLT 3/9 ComdC.

43. Bloomer Comments.

The Embassy

44. Spec Sir Reps.

45. BLT 1/9 ComdC; RLT 4 ComdC.

4ri. 9th MAB ComdC; RLT 4 ComdC; BLT 1/9 ComdC.

47. 9ih MAB AAR; BLT 1/9 ComdC.

48. JCS msg to CinCPac, dtd 24Apr75 (Frequent Wind File).

49. 9th MAB AAR.

50. Bolton intvw.

51. 9th MAB AAR; RIT 4 ComdC.

52. BLT 1/9 ComdC.

53. 9th MAB ComdC.

54. Ritchie inrvw.

55. Carey Commenrs.

56. Wilson Commenrs.

57. Bolton intvw.

58. 9th MAB ComdC.

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8810 (Oral HistColl, MCHC), hereafter Kean intvw.

61. Walrer inrvw.

62. Kean inrvw.

63. CG, 9ih MAB msg to CinCPac, did 4May75 (Frequent Wind File); 9ch MAB ComdC.

64. 9th MAB AAR; MSG Bn ComdC.

65- LtCol John W. Bowman, Jr., intvw, 30Juny7, Tape 150A (Oral

HistColi, MCHC).

66. ProvMAG-39 ComdC; Spec Sn Reps.

67. Heffernan inrvw.



In preparing this chapter, the following materials were used: 9th MAB ComdC,
26Mar-30Apr75, hereafter 9th MAB ComdC; 4[h Marines ComdC. lJan-30Jun75, hereafter
4th Mar ComdC; AESF ComdC, I7Apr-31May75, hereafter AESF ComdC; and ProvMAG-39
ComdC, 1.9Apr-30Apr75, hereafter ProvMAG-39 ComdC. Also used were Marine Barracks
Guam AAR, dtd 10Nov75. hereafter MB Guam AAR; Operation New Arrival AAR. hereafter
NcwArr AAR; Operation New Arrival Phasedown Plan 1-75, dtd 15Sep75, hereafter
OpNewArr PhPl; and Cleland Report. Also, VAdm George P. Sieeie, USN, Comments
on draft ms, 30Nov88 (Commenr File). hereafter Stcele Comments; BGen Paul
G. Graham, Commenrs on draft ms. 30ct88 (Comment File), hereafter Graham Comments;
BGen James A, Herbert, USA, Comments on draft ms, 6Nov88 (Comment File), hereafter
Herbert Commenrs; Col TullisJ. Wood-ham. Comments on draft ms, 15Sep88 (Comment
File), hereafter Woodham Comments; Col Nicholas M. Trapnell, Jr., Comments
on draft ms, 12Nov88 (Comment File), hereafter Trapnell Comments; Capt James
D. Tregurrha. USN. Comments on draft ms, 8Nov88 (Comment Fiie), hereafter
Trcgurtha Comments; and Capr Michael T. Mallick, Comments w draft ms, 29Sep88
(Commenr File), hereafter Mallick Comments.

1. OpNewArr PhP1.

A Link to Freedom: The Exodus and a New Beginning

2. USSAG/Sevenrh Air Force AAR, dtd 6Jun75 (Vietnam File, 1973-75), hereafter

3. CinCPac message to all participating units, dtd 30Apr75 (Frequent Wind

4. AESF ComdC.


Way Stations

6. U.S. Embassy Manila msg ro Secretary ofSrate, dtd 22Apr75 (Frequent Wind

7. CinCPacFlt msg ro CinCPac, dtd 22Apr75 (Frequent Wind File).

8. JCS msg ro CinCPac, drd 27Apr75 (Frequent Wind File).

9. CinCPacRep Saigon msg to CinCPac, dtd 23 Apr75 (Frequent

Wind File).

10.- Steele Comments.

Preparations: 1st Battalion, 4th Marines and the Task Force

11. 4th Mar ComdC.

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(Frequent Wind File).

19. Frequent Wind Situation Report 018, issued 29Apr75 (Frequent Wind File).

Evacuation and Passage: Frequent Wind

and the AESF's Final Chapter

20. IstLr Joseph J. Rogish,Jr., imvw, 7Jul75, Tape 6139 (Oral Hist-

Coll, MCHC), hereafter Rogish intvw.

21. Ibid.

22. Cleland Report.

23. 9th MAB ComdC; AESF ComdC.

24. Capt Cyril V. Moyhcr In to CG 3d MarDiv, dtd 4Jun75 (Vietnam File, 1973-75),
hereafter Moyher Itr.

Page 277(The Bitter End)