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ComdC; 3d Marine Division ComdC, lJan-30Jun75, hereafter 3d MarDiv ComdC;
9th MAB ComdC, 25Mar-30Apr75, hereafter 9rh MAB ComdC; 31st MAU ComdC. lJan-18Apr75.
hereafter 31sr MAU ComdC; 1st Battalion, 4th Marines ComdC. lJan-18Apr75,
hereafter 1/4 ComdC; and HMM-165 ComdC, lJan-30Apr75, hereafter HMM-165 ComdC.
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The Amphibious Evacuation RVN Support Group

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Initial Operations in Vietnamese Waters

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Military Sealift Command Operations

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Meeting the Needs

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Operation Eagle Pull



In preparing this chapter the following command chronologies were used:
31st MAU ComdC, lJan-18Apr75, hereafter 31st MAU ComdC; III MAF ComdC, lJan-30Jim75,
hereafter III MAF ComdC; III MAF ComdC, lJan-30Jun75, containing Trip Report
of Col Sydney T. Baichelder, hereafter Batchelder Trip Report; HMH-463 ComdC,
lJan-30Apr75, hereafter HMH-463 ComdC; and llth MAB ComdC, 26Mar-5Apr75, hereafter
llth MAB ComdC. Additional sources for this section were derived from U.S.
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and Related Agencies, budget Amendment for Military Assistance to Cambodia,
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Rel Cmt Rpr; and Without Honor. Also used were: Carey Comments; Sreele Comments;
Grimm Comments;Roche Comments; LtCol William R. Melton, Comments on draft
ms, l4Nov88 (Comment File), hereafter Mclron Commenrs; and LtCol John F, Guilmarun.Jr,,
USAF (Ret). Comments on draft ms, 27Sep88 (Comment File), hereafter Guilmartin
Comments. Messages and after action reports arc located m the Eagle Pull-Frequent
Wind File.

The Khmer Rouge

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The Khmer Communists' Last Dry Season Offensive

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The Marines Move into Position

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