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Americans Ashore

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The Marines in Vietnam

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In preparing this chapter the following command chronologies were used: III MAF ComdCs for lJan-30Jun73, lJui-3lDec73, and lJul-31Dec74, hereafter III MAF ComdC, monrh and year: 31st MAU ComdCs lJan-31Dec73. lJan-3 lDec.74, and !Jan-3lMay75, hereafter 3bt MAU ComdC, month and year; 9th MAB ComdC, lJul-3lDec72, hereafter 9th MAB ComdC; and 1st Battalion, 9th Marines ComdC, lJul-31Dec74, hereafter 1/9 ComdC. Also used in this chapter were Col John F. Roche III, Comments on draft ms, 22Sept88 (Comment File), hereafter Roche Comments: and VAdm George P. Sieele, USN, Comments on draft ms, 30Nov88 (Comment File), hereafter Steele Comments.

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The Plan for Cambodia

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In preparing this chapter the following command chronologies were used: III MAF ComdC, lJan-30Jun73, hereafter III MAF ComdC, Jan-Jun73; III MAF ComdC, lJui-3lDec73, hereafter III MAF ComdC, Jul-Dec73; 31st MAU ComdCs, Jul73-Jun 74, hereafter 31st MAU ComdC, month and year; 4th Marines ComdC, lJul-31Dcc973, hereafter 4th Mar ComdC. lJui-3lDec73; and 9th Marines ComdCs, lJui-3lDec73, lJul-31Dec74. and lJan-30�un75. hereafter 9th Mar ComdC, monrh and year. The cited messages are held in the Vietnam message binder (1973-75) in the archives at MCHC. Also used in this chapter were LtGen Stephen G. Olm-scead. Comments on draft ms, 4Nov88 (Comment File), hereafter Olmstcad Comments; MajGen Richard E. Carey, Comments on draft nis. HMay89 (Comment File), hereafter Carey Comments; Col Alexander S. Ruggiero, Commenis on draft ms, 20Sept88 (Comment File), hereafter Ruggiero Comments; Col Peter M. Angle, Comments on draft ms, 4Nov88 (Comment File), hereafter Angle Comments;

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