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[Image 1: Department
of Defense Photo (USMC) 8607521. One of thousands of satisfied
customers, this Amerasian child is packed and ready to go.
The Marines helped to introduce more than 50,000 refugees
into American society.]

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this type of operation: "In any future operations of a like nature, . . . there must be a clearly defined chain of command with full authority and responsibility vested in a single individual."*70

Ultimately, it came down to command and control and the results proved that nothing can supplant good organization and enthusiasm, especially when dealing with unfamiliar situations. General Graham underscored the knowledge and experience the Marine Corps had gained as a result of Operation New Arrival (whose name had been changed three times before this final choice) when he said. "We've refined that process a thousand-fold since then and we're not doing what we were doing in the early stages."7' The Marine Corps learned a lot about refugee operations over the course of six months and in the process, helped to move nearly 50,000 South Vietnamese and Cambodians into the mainstream of American society.**

*To date, no such manual has been published.

**Thc U.S. Marine Corps, constituting one-sixth of the nation's Naval Service members, in 19T5 processed over one-third of the Indochina refugees in less than seven months.

Page 235(The Bitter End)