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[Image 1; Photo
courtesy of BGen James A. Herbert, USA (Ret). Thuong Tin I
gets underway for Vietnam on 16 October with 1,546 repatriates
on board.]

[Image 2: Photo
courtesy of Capt James D. Tregurtha. USN (Ret). A South Vietnamese
child enjoys an American favorite. Within days this child
would be on her way to America and a new beginning at Camp

Page 227(The Bitter End)

returned to their native countries, leaving only a few hundred Vietnamese refugees.
On 23 October, after having found sponsors for these last few evacuees, including
the 123 who had elected to live on Guam, the Tokyu Hotel closed its doors.

Having successfully accomplished its refugee mission on Guam, the Marine Barracks Guam justly gave credit to the additional forces whose assistance Colonel McCain had needed as early as April when he employed Marines from the Proteus. Other units external to his battalion which Colonel McCain used during the course of the operation included Company E, 2d Battalion, 3d Marines, 1st Marine Brigade, who arrived on Guam for temporary duty on 5 July 1975, and Company F, 2d Battalion, 3d Marines, 1st Marine Brigade, who joined them on 24 July. These elements departed Guam for Hawaii on 23 September 1975.

The Marines from 1st Brigade and the Marine Barracks Guam combined forces in the final months to insure that no repatriate or disconsolate refugee harmed or endangered life or property. Considering the fact thai the only reported casualties during the entire operation involved two auto-related deaths (a retired Army sergeant and a Marine off the Proteus}, one would have to conclude that their efforts to protect life and property were extremely successful.

Page 227(The Bitter End)