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[Image 1: 9th
MAB Frequent Wind Post-Operational Summary. A map produced
by the 9th MAB staff illustrates the layout of the DAO compound
and the landing zones. Note locations of Air America terminal,
Annex, and Alamo.]

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HMH-462 CH-53Ds left the compound and flew outbound via Newport Pier to the
task force. In doing so, they attempted to maintain a visual separation of
1,000 feet from the inbound second wave. When the first wave reported "feet wet" at
Point Mercy to the HDC controller on the Okinawa, its helicopter pilots received
vectors to ships with enough deck space to accommodate them. Landing on these
ships at 1540, they unloaded the first refugees delivered by Operation Frequent

As the second wave loaded the next group of evacuees in the DAO Compound, Lieutenant Colonel Slade reinforced his positions with the newly arrived Marines from the second increment. The DAO Compound lent itself to easy access by air, but its configuration made security difficult. Slade's scheme of maneuver called for deployment of his "Alpha" command group, two rifle companies, and his 81mm mortar platoon around the DAO headquarters building (the Alamo) and its adjacent landing zones. The "Bravo" command group led by the BLT 2/4 executive officer, Major Thornton L. "Luke" "feungman, consisted of two rifle companies and the 106mm recoilless rifle platoon. It assumed responsibility for security of the DAO Annex and its adjoining landing zones.

Using an east-west axis which bisected the Alamo defensive perimeter, Lieutenant Colonel Slade had Captain Matthew E. Brodcrick deploy his Company

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