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[Image 1: 9th
MAB After Action
Report. This
9th MAB post-operational summary map shows potential evacuation
sites including Can Tho and
its airport.
Consul General
Francis McNamara and SSgt Boyette S. Hasty explored the possibility
of a fixed-wing evacuation,
but quickly cancelled
it when they
learned there was no way to preclude being overrun by panicked
South Vietnamese.]

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the last home to America's military in South Vietnam.28 Consulate Marines

As the pace of preparations for the Advance Command Element and the AESF accelerated with the fall of Xuan Loc, a cloud of uncertainty settled over the two remaining American consulates in South Vietnam. The loss of Xuan Loc, earlier counted as the only ARVN "victory," catapulted both the consulate at Bien Hoa and that at Can Tho into hectic preparations for what now appeared to be the inevitable.

With the eastern gateway to the nation's capital fully open, Bien Hoa stood as the only obstacle in the NVA'S path to Saigon. This increased exposure made the American consulate highly vulnerable and as a consequence, Consul General Richard Peters directed his

Page 173(The Bitter End)