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1: Marine Corps
Collection. Marines
of Detachment
Sierra (HqBn,
3rd MarDiv) prepare
for inspection
board USNS Sgt
Andrew Miller
off the coast
of Vietnam in
the vicinity
of Vung Tau.
The detachment,
commanded by
Capt Edward R.
Palmquist, Jr.,
went on board
the ship on 22

[Image 2: Marine Corps Historical Collection. The
American Challenger,
guarded by Marines
of the Amphibious
Evacuation Security
Force, rides
high in the South
China Sea while
it awaits Vietnamese
refugees. The
AESF November
Detachment Commander,
Capt Michael
T. Mallick, took
his Marines on
board this Military
Sealift Command
ship on 25 April

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the Dubuque's captain, provided a short-term answer when he authorized the AESF commander to use the shipboard complement of weapons. For a permanent solution to this problem. Major Quinlan sent a message to General Carey requesting additional weapons for his deploying detachments. At the same time, he sought permission to break open the Dubuque's supply of ammunition.

On 22 April, the AESF commander deployed three detachments to MSC ships: Sierra Detachment to the USNS Sergeant Andrew Miller, Victor on the SS Pioneer Contender, and Papa on board the SS Green Port. The next day, the reorganization and formation of detachments Kilo, Mike, Romeo, and Quebec became official, and the following day, Captain Cyril V. Moyhcr took India Detachment on board the SS Pioneer Commander. At the same time, Captain Robert D. Amos took the Marines of Tango to the SS Green Forest.10

By the time these transfers were complete, the Du-buque and the MSC ships' logs recorded their posi-

Page 165(The Bitter End)