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[Image 1: Map depicting the fall of Xuan Loc.]

Page 135(The Bitter End)

pass the Saigon-Gia Dinh area with a refugee-swollen population of more than four million civilians defended by remnants of three plus ARVN divisions .... The NVA are expected to concentrate on destruction of ARVN combat forces rather than continue a slow war of attrition around an isolated capital enclave."35

Although demoralized, the ARVN attempted to regroup and reorganize in preparation for the Communists' next strike. Soldiers evacuated from MR l and MR 2 formed new units, which when subsequently committed to combat, proved marginally effective. Unfortunately, these units represented 40 percent of South Vietnam's combat power. As a consequence, when the righting resumed, the ARVN soldiers truly ready for battle constituted a force numerically inferior to the enemy's.

The renewal of fighting and combat activity in Tay Ninh Province quickly revealed this truth. A massive combined arms attack eliminated the ARVN from the area west of the Van Co Dong River. The NVA then launched heavy attacks against ARVN positions along Route l and Route 22 in the eastern portion of the region. Fighting soon shifted to Xuan Loc, the capital of Long Khanh Province.

Page 135(The Bitter End)