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[Image 1: Map of Da Nang City, 27 - 30 March 1975.]

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tender on its return trip to Da Nang. Reports and radio communications with the Americans on the barge indicated that members of the Vietnamese armed forces had control of the barges and were shooting anyone who seemed a threat to their safe rescue. To an undetermined extent, their conduct during the last few days of March included rape, looting, and murder. Military discipline generally had disappeared; in many instances it had become evcty man for himself."

The final act of these desperados was to commandeer one of the MSC ships, the Greenville Victory. Seizing this sister ship of the Pioneer Contender, the mutineers forced the captain to sail the ship to Vung Tau and not the destination the Saigon Government had selected for its MR l refugees, Phu Quoc Island. Eventually, thanks to the Seventh Fleet commander, the Vietnamese peacefully returned control of the ship to the master but not before it dropped anchor off Vung Tau whereupon they departed. Admiral Steeic helped ensure a peaceful conclusion to this incident by opting to "place a cruiser on one side of that ship and a destroyer on the other, with their guns trained on it."23

Considering the uncertain effect six American Ma-

Page 130(The Bitter End)