Volume 4



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The Defense of Charleston1
The Confederate Defense of Fort Sumter23
Minor Operations of the South Atlantic Sqaudron Under Du Pont27
The Early Monitors30
Du Pont's Attack at Charleston32
The Boat Attack on Sumter47
South Atlantic Blocking Squadron51
The Army Before Charleston in 186352
The "Swamp Angel"72
The Opposing Land Forces at Charleston74
The Battle of Olustee76
From Gettysburg to the Coming of Grant81
Kilpatrick's and Dahlgren's Raid to Richmond95
Preparing for the Campaign's of '6497
From the Wilderness to Cold Harbor118
General Grant on the Wilderness Campaign145
Through the Wilderness152
Hand-to-Hand Fighting at Spotsylvania170
The Death of General John Sedgwick175
McAllister's Brigade at the Bloody Angle176
General Edward's Brigade at the Bloody Angle177
The Opposing Forces at the Beginning of Grant's Campaign Against Richmond179
The Opposing Forces at Cold Harbor186
Sheridan's Richmond Raid188
The Death of General J. E. B. Stuart194
The Defense of Drewry's Bluff195
Butler's Attack on Drewry's Bluff206
The Eighteenth Corps at Cold Harbor221
Notes on Cold Harbor230
Sheridan's Trevillian Raid223
The Cavalry Fight at Trevillian Station237
General Lee in the Wilderness Campaign240
THe Grand Strategy of the Last Year of the War247
Opposing Sherman's Advance to Atlanta260
The Opposing Forces in the Atlanta Campaign284
The Struggle for Atlanta293
Hood's Second Sortie at Atlanta326
The Georgia Militia About Atlanta331
The Defense of Atlanta336
The Red River Campaign345
The Navy in the Red River362
The Mississippi Flotilla in the Red River Expedition366
The Opposing Forces in the Red River Campaign367
The Opposing Forces in Arkansas368
The Defense of the Red River369
Farragut at Mobile Bay379
The Opposing Forces at Mobile400
The Ram "Tennessee" at Mobile Bay401
The Lashing of Admiral Farragut in the Rigging406
The Defense of Fort Morgan408
Land Operations Against Mobile410
Closing Operations in the Gulf and Western Rivers412
Cavalry Operations in the West Under Rosecrans and Sherman413
The Sooy Smith Expedition416
Forrest's Defeat of Sturgis at Brice's Cross-Roads419
John Morgan in 1864422
The Invasion of Tennessee425
General Cheatham at Spring Hill438
Repelling Hood's Invasion of Tennessee440
The Union Cavalry in the Hood Campaign465
The Opposing Forces at Nashville472
Operations in East Tennessee and South-West Virginia475
The Battle of New Market480
Sigel in the Sehnandoah Valley in 1864487
The Opposing Forces at New Market491
The Opposing Forces in the Lynchburg Expedition492
Early's March to Washington in 1864493
The Opposing Forces at the Monocacy499
Sheridan in the Shanadoah Valley500
Winchester, Fisher Hill, and Cedar Creek522
The Opposing Forces at Cedar Creek530
Operations South of the James River533
Four Days of Battle at Petersburg540
The Battle of The Petersburg Crater545
In the Crater561
The Colored Troops at Petersburg563
Actions on the Weldon Railroad568
General Grant on the Siege of Petersburg574
Gordon's Attack at Fort Stedman579
The Recapture of Fort Stedman584
The Opposing Forces at Petersburg and Richmond590
The Confederate Cruisers595
Cruise and Combats of the "Alabama"600
The Duel Between the "Alabama" and the "Kearsarge"615
First Battle of the Conederate Ram "Albemarle"625
The "Albemarle and the "Sassscus"628
The Destruction of the "Albemarle"634
The Defense of Fort Fisher642
The Defense at Fort Fisher655
The Opposing Forces at Fort Fisher661
Sherman's Advance from Atlanta663
The Georgia Militia During Sherman's March to the Sea667
Marching Through Georgia and the Carolinas671
The Failure to Capture Hardee679
Sherman's March From Savannah to Bentonville681
The Opposing Forces in the Campaign of the Carolinas696
The Battle of Bentonville700
Closing Operations in the James River705
Five Forks and the Pursuit of Lee708
General Warren at Five Forks, and te Court of Inquiry723
Lee's Report of the Surrender at Appomattox724
The Fall of Richmond725
The Surrender at Appomattox Court House729
General Lee's Farewell Address to His Army747
The Opposing Forces in the Appomattox Campaign748
Final Operations of Sheridan's Army754
Wilson's Raid Through Alabama and Georgia760
Last Days of the Confederacy762
Notes on the Union and Confederate Armies767