Volume 2



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Siege and Capture of Fort Pulaski1
New Orleans Before the Capture14
The Opening of the Lower Mississippi22
The "Brooklyn" at the Passage of the Forts56
Farragut's Capture of New Orleans70
Fighting Farragut Below New Orleans76
The Ram "Manassas" at the Passage of the New Orleans Forts89
Incidents of the Occupation of New Orleans91
Farragut's Demands for the Surrender of New Orleans95
The Water-Battery at Fort Jackson99
Confederate Responsabilities for Farragut's Success101
The Confederate Invasion of New Mexico and Arizona103
McClellan Organizing the Grand Army112
Ball's Bluff and the Arrest of General Stone123
Captain Wilkes's Seizure of Mason and Slidell135
Early Operations on the Potomac River143
Operations of 1861 About Fort Monroe144
Campaigning to No Purpose153
The Peninsular Campaign160
Yorktown and Williamsburg189
Manassas to Seven Pines202
Two Days of Battle at Seven Pines (Fair Oaks)220
The Navy in the Peninsular Campaign264
Stuart's Ride Around McClellan271
Anecdotes of the Peninsular Campaign275
West Virginia Operations Under Fremont278
Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah282
The Opposing Forces in the Valley Campaigns299
Fighting Jackson at Kernstown302
The Opposing Forces in the Seven Days' Battles313
Hanover Court House and Gaines's Mill319
The Charge of Cooke's Cavalry at Gainse's Mill344
Reflections of a Participant in the Charge346
Lee's Attack North of the Chickahominy347
Of the Confederate Right at Gainse's Mill363
Rear-Guard Fighting During the Change of Base366
McClellan's Change of Base and Malvern Hill383
"The Seven Days" Including Fraiser's Farm396
The Battle of Malvern Hill406
With the Cavalry on the Peninsula429
The Rear-Guard at Malvern Hill434
The Administration in the Peninsula Campaign435
Richmond Scene's in '62439
The Second Battle of Bull Run449
Invindication of General Rufus King495
The Opposing Force at Cedar Mountain, VA496
Jackson's Raid Around Pope501
Our March Against Pope512
The Time of Longstreet's Arrival at Groveton527
Marching on Manassas529
Jackson's Foot-Cavalry at the Second Bull Run530
The Sixth Corps at the Second Bull Run539
Washington Under Banks542
From the Peninsula to Antietam545
In the Ranks to the Antietam556
The Battle of South Mountain, or Boonsboro559
Forcing Fox's Gap and Turner's Gap582
Notes on Crampton's Gap and Antietam591
The Opposing Forces in The Maryland Campaign598
The Finding of Lee's Lost Order603
Jackson's Capture of Harper's Ferry604
The Surrender of Harper's Ferry612
Stonewall Jackson's Intentions at Harper's Ferry616
The Historical Basis of Whittier's "Barbara Frietchie619
Stonewall Jackson in Maryland620
The Battle of Antietam630
With Burnside at Antietam661
The Invasion of Maryland663
Antietam Scenes682
A Woman's Recollection of Antietam686
The Case of Fitz John Porter696
Canby's Services in the New Mexican Campaign697
Canby at Valverde699
Shelby's New Mexican Campaign700
Operations in North Alabama701
The Locomotive Chase in Georgia709
Notes on the Locomotive Chase716
With Price East of the Mississippi717
The Battle of Iuka734
The Battle of Corinth737