Volume 1



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PrefacePage X
Prelimenary Events1
Organization of the Two Governments4
Washington on the Eve of the War8
With Slemmer in Pensacola Harbor26
Recollections of the Twiggs Surrender33
From Moultrie to Sumter40
Inside Sumter in '6149
The First Step in the War74
Notes on the Surrender of Fort Sumter86
War Preparations in the North84
The Confederate Government at Montgomery98
Jackson at Harper's Ferry in 1861110
McClellan in West Virginia124
Going to the Front147
Virginia Scenes in '61156
McDowell's Advance to Bull Run166
The First Battle of the Bull Run195
Responsibilities of the First Bull Run245
General Ewell at Bull Run259
The Confederate Commissariat at Manassas261
The First Year of the War in Missouri262
In Command in Missouri278
Wilson's Creek, and the Death of Lyon289
Arkansas Troops in the Battle of Wilson's Creek298
The Flanking Column at Wilson's Creek304
The Siege of Lexington307
The Pea Ridge Campaign314
Union and Confederate Indians in the Civil War335
Recollections of Foote and the Gun-Boats339
Notes on the Life of Admiral Foote347
General Polk and the Battle of Belmont348
The Gun-Boats at Belmont and Fort Henry358
The Defense of Fort Henry368
Holding Kentucky for the Union373
Marshall and Garfield in Eastern Kentucky393
The Capture of Fort Donelson398
The Opposing Forces at Fort Donelson429
The Western Flotilla430
Ellet and His Steam-Rams at Memphis453
Sawing Out the Channel Above Island Number Ten460
The Battle of Shiloh465
Shiloh Reviewed487
Albert Sidney Johnson at Shiloh540
The Campaign of Shiloh569
Notes of Confederate Staff-Officers at Shiloh594
Surprise and Withdrawl at Shiloh604
The March of Lew Wallaces Division to Shiloh607
The Union and Confederate Navies611
Early Coast Operations in North Carolina632
The Burnside Expedition660
Du Pont and the Port Royal Expedition670
The First Fight of Iron-Clads692
Watching the Merrimac712
The Plan and Construction of the Merrimac715
Notes on The Monitor/Merrimac Fight718
In the "Monitor" Turret719
The Building of the "Monitor"730
The Loss of the Monitor745
Negotiations for the Building of the Monitor748