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Page 180 (The Advisory & Combat Assistance Era: 1954-1964)

3 Feb-President Diem issues decree formalizing initiation of the Strategic Hamlet Program.

8 Feb-U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (USMACV) activated in Saigon with General Paul D. Harkins as commander. MajGen Richard G. Weede, USMC, becomes MACVs first chief of staff.

7 Feb-Vietnamese Air Force fighters bomb and strafe the Presidential Palace in Saigon but fail to injure President Diem.

9 Apr-The leading elements of Marine Task Unit 79.3.5 (SHUFLY), commanded by Col John F. Carey, arrive at Soc Trang, Republic of Vietnam.

15 Apr-HMM-362 (Reinforced), a Marine medium transport helicopter squadron, arrives at Soc Trang to begin operations in support of government forces.

22 Apr-HMM-362 helicopters fly their first combat support missions in Vietnam.

9 May-Eight Marine helicopters hit by small arms fire during landing on Ca Mau Peninsula.

18 May-The 3d Marine Expeditionary Unit (3d MEU) began moving into position at Udorn, Thailand, in response to the deteriorating situation in Laos. The 3d MEU was part of Joint Task Force 116, organized for use in the mounting crisis.

20 May-BGen Ormond R. Simpson assumes command of 3d MEU.

18 Jun-Eagle Flight first employed in combat by Marine helicopters operating from Soc Trang.

25 Jun-HMM-162 replaces HMM-261 at Udorn as 3d MEW (MEB) helicopter element.

1 Jul-First Marine Combat units withdraw from Udorn, Thailand, as a display of good faith.

23 Jul-An agreement guaranteeing the neutrality of Laos is signed by the U.S., the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Vietnam, and 10 other nations at Geneva.

30 Jul-Col Julius W. Ireland relieves Col Carey as SHUFLY commander.

31 Jul-Last Marine combat units withdrawn from Udorn, Thailand.

1 Aug-HMM-163 replaces HMM-362 as operational squadron assigned to SHUFLY. Aug-First machine guns mounted on Marine helicopters operating in Vietnam.

4 Sep-Initial SHUFLY elements begin displacing to Da Nang in I Corps Tactical Zone.

18 Sep-HMM-163 conducts first combat operations in I Corps.

20 Sep-All SHUFLY elements are in place at Da Nang. Oct-LtCol Clarence G. Moody relieves LtCol Brown as Senior Marine Advisor to VNMC.

6 Oct-Five Marines and two U.S. Navy personnel killed in HUS crash near Tarn Ky.

7 Nov-HMM-163 executes first tiger flight reaction force mission in I Corps.

Nov-All Marine Corps aircraft redesignated.

6 Nov-Marine Task Unit (SHUFLY) redesignated Task Element

6 Nov-LtCol Alton W. McCully assumes command of SHUFLY.

Dec-Vietnamese Joint General Staff realigns South Vietnam's Corps Tactical Zones, creating a fourth CTZ and a Capital Military District.


11 Jan-HMM-162 replaces HMM-163 as SHUFLY's operational squadron.

19 Jan-HMM-162 conducts its first combat troop lift in Vietnam.

10-13 Mar-HMM-162 helicopters participate in search and rescue attempts for U.S. Army OV-1 Mohawk and crew. Two Marine helicopters crash in high mountains of northern II Corps.

13 Apr-Marine transport helicopters conduct first operation with U.S. Army UH-1B armed helicopters. Apr-Organization of Marine Advisory Division modified slightly.

1 May-Provisional Marine Brigade joins ARVN forces for operation in Do Xa base area.

8 Jun-HMM-261 replaces HMM-162 as SHUFLY's operational squadron.

15-16 Aug-HMM-261 helilifts 2d ARVN Division units from field to culminate operation LAM SON XII.

21 Aug-Vietnamese National Police raid Buddhist pagodas throughout South Vietnam.

Sep-LtCol Wesley C. Noren relieves LtCol Moody as Senior Marine Advisor to VNMC.

2 Oct-HMM-361 replaces HMM-261 as SHUFLY's operational squadron. Oct-Provisional Marine Regiment conducts operation PHI-HOA 5 in Gia Dinh Province.

1 Nov-Diem government overthrown by coup of military leaders. Diem and brother Ngo Dinh Nhu assassinated. 14 Nov-Provisional Marine Regiment launches Operation DAI-PHONG 28 and 29 in III Corps Tactical Zone.

25 Nov-2d VNMC Battalion participates in Operation DAI-PHONG 30.

16 Dec-LtCol Khang relieved as Commandant of Vietnamese Marine Corps. Replaced by LtCol Nguyen Ba Lien.


1 Jan-General Wallace M. Greene, Jr., relieves General David Shoup as Commandant of U.S. Marine Corps. Jan-General Greene visits Vietnam. 15 Jan-BGen Carl A. Youngdale, USMC, becomes MACV Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (J-2).

1 Feb-HMM-364 replaces HMM-361 as SHUFLY's operational squadron. Feb-Col Khang recalled from Philippines and relieves LtCol Lien as Commandant of VNMC. Mar-LtGen Victor H. Krulak relieves LtGen Carson A. Roberts as Commanding General, FMFPac. 27 Apr-HMM-364 participates in Operation SURE WIND 202 in northern II Corps.

May-MajGen Weede, USMC, relieved as MACV Chief of Staff.

15 May-USMAAG abolished. Marine Advisory Division renamed Marine Advisory Unit and placed under Naval Advisory Group, MACV.

20 May-Marine Advisory Team One arrives at Da Nang.

7 Jun-Two Marines from SHUFLY compound reported missing south of Da Nang.

13 Jun-Advisory Team One moves to Tiger Tooth Mountain in northwestern I Corps.

19 Jun-HMM-364 turn over helicopters and maintenance equipment to VNAF 217th Squadron.

21 Jun-HMM-162 replaces HMM-364 as SHUFLY's operational squadron.

Jul-Vietnamese Marine Recruit Training Center opens at Thu Due. VNMC expanded with the creation of a fifth infantry battalion.

7 Jul-HMM-162 participates in relief of Nam Dong Special Forces Camp.



2-5 Aug-North Vietnamese patrol boats and U.S. ships clash in Tonkin Gulf.

6 Aug-U.S. Congress passes Tonkin Gulf resolution.

11 Aug-President Johnson signs the so-called Tonkin Gulf Resolution.

19 Aug-Advisory Team One moves to Bach Ma and continues operations.

4 Sep-Col William P. Nesbit replaces Col Noren as Senior Marine Advisor to


13 Sep-Advisory Team One dissolved, departs Vietnam.

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