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Appendix C

Glossary of Acronyms



AHOC--Aviatioc Headquarters Operations Center

ARVN--Army of The Republic of Vietnam

ASOC--Air Support Operations Center

BLT--Battalion Landing Team

CG--Civil Guard

ChMAAG--Chief, Military Assistance Advisory Group

CIDG--Civilian Irregular Defense Group

CinCPac--Commander in Chief, Pacific

CIP--Counter Insurgency Plan

ComUSMACV--Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

COSVN--Central Office for South Vietnam

CTZ--Corps Tactical Zone

DMZ--Demilitarized Zone

DRV--Democratic Republic of Vietnam(North Vietnam)

FAC--Forward Air Controller

FEC--French Expeditionary Corps

FMFPac--Fleet Marine Force, Pacific

GCA--Ground Controlled Approach (system)

GVN--Government of Vietnam (South Vietnam)

HMM--Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron

ICC--International Control Commission

JCC--Joint Chiefs of Staff

LGS--Joint General Staff (Vietnamese)

JRO--Job Related Orientation (Program)

JTF--Joint Task Force

LSG--Logistics Support Group

MABS--Marine Air Base Squadron

MAG--Marine Aircraft Group

MATCU--Marine Airfield Traffic Control Unit

MAW--Marine Aircraft Wing

MEB--Marine Expeditionary Brigade

MEU--Marine Expeditionary Unit

MR--Military RegionV

NLF--National Liberation Front

OJT--On-The-Job Training (Program)

PAVN--Peoples Army of Vietnam

PF--Popular Forces

RF--Regional Forces

RLT--Regimental Landing Team

RSSZ--Rung Sat Special Zone

RVN--Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)

RVNAF--Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces

SAR--Search and Rescue

SDC--Self Defense Corps

SEATO--Southeast Asia Treaty Organization

SLF--Special Landing Force

TACAN--Tactical Air Navigation (system)

TAFDS--Tactical Airfield Fuel Dispensing System

TERM--Temporary Equipment Recovery Mission

TRIM USMAAG (MAAG)--Training Relations Instruction Mission U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group

USMACThai--U.S. Military Assistance Command, Thailand

USOM--U.S. Operations Mission

VC--Viet Cong

VMGR--Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron

VNA--Vietnamese National Army

VNAF--Vietnamese Air Force

VNMC--Vietnamese Marine Corps




Page 178(Glossary of Acronyms )