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Page 768 (1968: The Defining Year)

Amphibian Tractor Battalion T/O M-4658, Revision l 6 March 1967

The amphibian tractor battalion normally fell under force troops, but in Vietnam each division had an amphibian tractor battalion attached. The battalion's primary mission was to transport troops and equipment under combat conditions, and it had only enough Marines and sailors to operate and maintain its vehicles. For combat operations in Vietnam the battalion either had infantry units attached to ride in its vehicles or parcelled out its companies and platoons to support other units. Generally one amphibian tractor company could support an infantry battalion, and one amphibian tractor platoon could support a rifle company.

The headquarters and service company rated 12 LVTP5A1 personnel carrier landing vehicles, tracked, three LVTP5A1 CMD command variants, one LVTR1A1 recovery vehicle, and eight LVTE1 engineer vehicles. These vehicles supported the operations of the amphibian tractor battalion. Each amphibian tractor company contained 44 LVTP5Als, three LVTP5A1 CMDs, and one LVTR1A1. Since LVTs suffered frequent mine damage in Vietnam, both amphibian tractor battalions received an increased allowance of LVTR1A1 recovery vehicles.

* A third amphibian tractor company could be activated by order of the Commandant. During 1968 both amphibian tractor battalions in Vietnam contained two amphibian tractor companies.

Page 768 (1968: The Defining Year)