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Page 734 (1968: The Defining Year)

VC-Viet Cong, a term used to refer to the Communist guerrillas in

South Vietnam; a contraction of the Vietnamese phrase meaning

"Vietnamese Communists." VCI-Viet Cong Infrastructure. VCLF-Viet Cong Local Force. Viet Minh-The Vietnamese contraction for Viet Nam Doc Lap Nong

Minh Hoi, a Communist-led coalition of nationalist groups, which

actively opposed the Japanese in World War II and the French in

the first Indochina War. VIS-Vietnamese Information Service. VMA-Marine Attack Squadron. VMA(AW>-Marine All-Wearher Fighter Squadron. VMCJ-Marine Composite Reconnaissance Squadron. VMFA-Marine Fighter Attack Squadron.

VMF(AW)-Marine Fighter Squadron (All-Weather). VMGR-Marine Refueller Transport Squadron. VMO-Marine Observation Squadron. VNAF-Vietnamese Air Force. VNMB-Vietnamese Marine Brigade. VNMC-Vietnamese Marine Corps. VNN-Vietnamese Navy. VNRS-Vietnamese National Rail System. VT-Variable timed electronic fuse for an arrillery shell which causes airburst over the target area.

WestPac-Western Pacific.

WIA-Wounded in Action.

WFRC-Washington Federal Records Center.

Page 734 (1968: The Defining Year)