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Page 733 (1968: The Defining Year)

RRU-Radio Research Unit. Rural Reconstruction-The predecessor campaign to Revolutionary


RVN-Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam). RVNAF-Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces. RZ-Reconnaissance Zone.

S-Refers to staff positions on regimental and battalion levels. S-1 would refer to the staff member responsible for personnel; S-2, intelligence; S-3, operations; S-4, logistics; and S-5, civil affairs.

SAM-Surface to Air Missile.

SAR-Search and Rescue.

SCAMP-Sensor Control and Maintenance Platoon.

SEATO-Southeast Asia Treaty Organization.

SecDef-Secrerary of Defense.

SecState-Secretary of State.

Seventh AF-Seventh Air Force, the major U.S. Air Force command in Vietnam.

Seventh Fleet-The U.S. fleet assigned to the Pacific.

SFD-Surprise Firing Device, a euphemism for a boobytrap.

SID-Seismic Intrusion Device, sensor used to monitor movement through ground vibrations.

SirRep-Situation Report.


SgtMa]-Sergeant Major.

SKS-Russian-designed Simonov gas-operated 7.62mm semiautomatic rifle.

SLAM-Seek, Locate, Annihilate and Monitor.

SLF-Special Landing Force.

SMA-Senior Marine Advisor.

SOG-Studies and Operations Group, the cover name for the organization that carried out cross-border operations.

Song-Vietnamese for "river."

SOP-Standing Operating Procedure, set of instructions laying out standardized procedures.

SPIE-Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction line.

Spr Repr-Spot Report.

Sortie-An operational flight by one aircraft.

Sparrow Hawk-A small rapid-reaction force on standby, ready for insertion by helicopter for reinforcement of units in contact with the enemy.

SSDC-Southern Sector Defense Command.

SSgt-Staff Sergeant.

Steel Tiger-The codename for the air campaign over Laos.

Stingray-Special Marine reconnaissance missions in which small Marine reconnaissance teams call artillery and air attacks on targets of opportunity.

Strike Company-An elite company in a South Vietnamese infantry division, directly under the control of the division commander.

TAC(A)-Tactical Air Coordinator (Airborne), an officer in an airplane, who coordinates close air support.

TACC-Tactical Air Control Center, the principal air operations installation for controlling all aircraft and air-warning functions of tactical air operations.

TACP-Tactical Air Control Party, a subordinate operational component of a tactical air control system designed to provide air liaison to land forces and for the control of aircraft.

TADC-Tactical Air Direction Center, an air operations installation under the Tactical Air Control Center, which directs aircraft and aircraft warning functions of the tactical air center.

TAFDS-Tactical Airfield Fuel Dispensing System, the expeditionary storage and dispensing system of aviation fuel at tactical airfields. It uses 10,000-gallon fabric tanks to store the fuel.

Tank, M48-U.S.-built 50.7-ton tank with a crew of four; primary armament is turret-mounted 90mm gun with one .30-caliber and one .50-caliber machine gun; has maximum road speed of 32 miles per hour and an average range of 195 miles.

TAOC-Tactical Air Operations Center, a subordinate component of the air command and control system which controls all enroure air traffic and air defense operations.

TAOC-Tactical Area of Coordinarion.

TAOI-Tactical Area of Interest.

TAOR-Tactical Area of Responsibility, a defined area of land for which responsibility is specifically assigned to the commander of the area as a measure for control of assigned forces and coordination of support.

TASE-Tactical Air Support Element.

TDCC-Tactical Data Communications Central.

TE-Task Element.

T/E-Table of Equipment.

Tet-The Vietnamese Lunar New Year; Commonly associated with the NVA/VC offensive launched during the Tet Holiday of January 1968.

TF-Task Force.

TG-Task Group.

Tiger Hound-Airstrikes in Laos directed by U.S. Air Force small fixed-wing observation aircraft, flying up to 12 miles into southeastern Laos.

T/O-Table of Organization.

TO&E-Table of Organization and Equipment.

TOC-Tactical Operations Center.

Trung-si-A South Vietnamese Popular Force sergeant.

TPQ-10-Radar system used to control air strikes in poor and marginal weather.

TSF-Transitional Support Force.

TU-Task Unit.

UCMJ-Uniform Code of Military Justice

UH-1E-Bell Iroquois (commonly referred to as a "Huey"), a single-engine, light attack/observation helicopter noted for its maneuverability and firepower; carries a crew of three; it can be armed with air-to-ground rocket packs and fuselage-mounted, electrically-fired machine guns.

UH-34D-Sikorsky Sea Horse, a single-engine medium transport helicopter with a crew of three, carries eight to 12 combat soldiers, depending upon weather conditions.

USA-U.S. Army.

USAAG-U.S. Army Advisory Group.

USAF-U.S. Air Force.

USAID-U.S. Agency for International Development.

USARV-U.S. Army, Vietnam.

USASuppComDaNang-U.S. Army Support Command, Da Nang.

USIA-U.S. Information Agency.

USMC-U.S. Marine Corps.

U.S. Mission Council-Council, chaired by the U.S. Ambassador to South Vietnam and including ComUSMACV, which developed and coordinated U.S. policy within South Vietnam.

USN-U.S. Navy.

Page 733 (1968: The Defining Year)