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Ms-Manusc ript.


MSgt-Master Sergeant.

MTDS-Marine Tactical Data System.

MTT-Mobile Training Team.

Montagnard-From French for "mountaineer," refers to the several

tribes of non-erhnic-Vietnamese nomadic tribesmen who populate

the South Vietnamese highlands. MWHG-Marine Wing Headquarters Group. MWSG-Marine Wing Support Group.

NAC-Northern Artillery Cantonment.

NAG-Naval Advisory Group.

NAS-Naval Air Station.

NavCad-Naval Aviation Cadet.

NCC-Naval Component Commander.

NCO-Noncommissioned Officer.

NGLO-Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer.

NLF-National Liberation Front, the political arm of the Communist-led insurgency against the South Vietnamese Government.

NMCB-Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (Seabees).

NMCC-National Military Command Center.

NOD-Night Observation Device.

NPFF-National Police Field Force.

NSA-Naval Support Activity.

NSD-Naval Supply Depot.

NSDC-Northern Sector Defense Command.

Nui-Vietnamese word for hill or mountain.

Nung-A Vietnamese tribesman, of a separate ethnic group and probably of Chinese origin.

NVA-North Vietnamese Army, often used colloquially to refer to a North Vietnamese soldier.

O-l C/G-Cessna, single-engine observation aircraft.

OAB, NHD-Operational Archives Branch, Naval History Division.

OJT-On the Job Training.

Ontos-U.S.-built, lightly armored, tracked antitank vehicle armed with six coaxially-mounced 106mm recoilless rifles.

OpCon-Operational Control, the authority granted to a commander to direct forces assigned for specific missions or tasks which are usually limited by function, time, or location.

OP-Outpost or observation point.

OpO-Operation Order, a directive issued by a commander to subordinate commanders for the execution of an operation.

OPIan-Operation Plan, a plan for a single or series of connected operations to be carried out simultaneously or in succession; it is the form of directive employed by higher authority to permit subordinate commanders to prepare supporting plans and orders.

OpSum-Operational Summary.

ORLL-Operations Report/Lessons Learned.

OSJS (MACV)-Office of the Secretariat, Joint Staff (Military Assistance Command Vietnam).

OV-10-North American Rockwell Bronco, twin-engine aircraft specifically designed for light armed reconnaissance missions.

PAR-Progressive Aircraft Rework.

PAVN-Peoples Army of Vietnam (North Vietnam). This acronym was dropped in favor of NVA.

PDC-Pacification and Development Councils.

PF-Popular Force, Vietnamese militia who were usually employed in the defense of their own communities.

PFC-Private First Class.

Phoenix program-A covert U.S. and South Vietnamese program aimed at the eradication of the Viet Cong infrastructure in South Vietnam.

PUC-Photo Imagery Interpretation Center.

POL-Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants.

Practice Nine-The codename for the planning of the antiinfilrrarion, barrier across the DMZ. See Dymarker.

PRC-25-Standard radio used by Marine ground units in Vietnam that allowed for voice communication for distances up to 25 miles.

Prov Corps-Provisional Corps Vietnam.

PRU-Provincial Reconnaissance Unit.

PSA-Province Senior Advisor.

PSDF-People's Self-Defense Force, a local self-defense force organized by the South Vietnamese Government after the enemy s Tet offensive in 1968.


QDSZ-Quang Da Special Zone. QRF-Quick Reaction Force.

R&R-Rest and Recreation.

Recoilless rifle, 106mm, M401A1-U.S.-built, single-shot, recoilless, breech-loaded weapon which weighs 458 pounds when assembled and mounted for firing; it has a sustained rate of fire of six rounds per minute and an effective range of 1,365 meters.



Revolutionary Development-The South Vietnamese pacification program started in 1966.

Revolutionary Development Teams-Specially trained Vietnamese political cadre who were assigned to individual hamlets and villages and conducted various pacification and civilian assistance tasks on a local level.

RF-Regional Force, Vietnamese militia who were employed in a specific area.

Rifle, M14-Gas-operated, magazine-fed, air-cooled, semi-automatic, 7.62mm caliber shoulder weapon, which weighs 12 pounds with a full 20-round magazine; it has a sustained rate of fire of 30 rounds per minute and an effective range of 460 meters.

Rifle, M16-Gas-operated, magazine-fed, air-cooled, automatic, 5.56mm caliber shoulder weapon, which weighs 3.1 pounds with a 20-round magazine; it has a sustained rate of fire of 12-15 rounds per minute and an effective range of 460 meters.

RLT-Regimental Landing Team. -

ROE-Rules of Engagement.

ROK-Republic of Korea.

Rolling Thunder-Codename for U.S. air operations over North Vietnam.

Rough Rider-Organized vehicle convoys, often escorted by helicopters and armored vehicles, using Vietnam's roads to supply Marine bases.

Route Package-Codename used with a number to designate areas of North Vietnam for the American bombing campaign. Route Package I was the area immediately north of the DMZ.

RPG-Rocket-Propelled Grenade.

Page 732 (1968: The Defining Year)