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FAC(A)-Forward Air Controller (Airborne).

FADAC-Field Artillery Digital Automatic Computer.

FAE-Fuel-Air Explosive.

FAG-Field Artillery Group.

FDC-Fire Direction Center.

FFV-Field Force, Vietnam I and II, U.S. Army commands in II and

III Corps areas of South Vietnam. FLC-Force Logistic Command. FLSG-Force Logistic Support Group. FLSU-Force Logistic Support Unit. FMFPac-Fleet Marine Force, Pacific. FO-Forward Observer. FOB-Forward Operating Base. FRC-Federal Records Center. Front 4-A Communist headquarters subordinate to MR-5 and

responsible for Quang Nam Province. FSB-Fire Support Base. FSCC-Fire Support Coordination Center, a single location involved in

the coordination of all forms of fire support. FSIC-Fire Support Information Center FSR-Force Service Regiment. Fwd-Forward. FWMF-Free World Military Force.

G-Refers to staff positions on a general staff, e.g., G-1 would refer to the staff member responsible for personnel; G-2, intelligence;

G-3, operations; G-^, logistics, and G-5, civil affairs.

GCA-Ground Control Approach.

GCI-Ground Control Intercept.


Golden Fleece-Marine rice harvest protection operation.

GPES-Ground Proximity Extraction System.

Grenade Launcher, M79-U.S.-built, single-shot, breech-loaded shoulder weapon which fires 40mm projectiles and weighs approximately 6.5 pounds when loaded; it has a sustained rate of aimed fire of five-seven rounds per minute and an effective range of 375 meters.

GSW-Gunshot Wounds.

Gun, 175mm, M107-U.S.-built, self-propelled gun which weighs 62,000 pounds and fires a 147-pound projectile to a maximum range of 32,800 meters. Maximum rate of fire is one round every two minutes.

GVN-Government of Vietnam (South Vietnam).

GySgt-Gunnery Sergeant

H&I fires-Harassing and Interdiction fires.

H&MS-Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron.

H&S Co-Headquarters and Service Company.

HAWK-A mobile, surface-to-air guided missile, designed to defend

against low-flying enemy aircraft and short-range missiles. HDC-Helicopter Direction Center. HE-High Explosive. Hectare-A unit of land measure in the metric system and equal to

. 2.471 acres. HES-Hamlet Evaluation System, the computerized statistical data

system used to measure pacification in the hamlets and villages of

South Vietnam. H-Hour-The specific hour an operation begins.

HistBr, G-3 Div, HQMC-Historical Branch, G-3 Division, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, the Vietnam-era predecessor of the History and Museums Division.

HLZ-Helicopter Landing Zone.

HMH-Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron.

HML-Marine Light Helicopter Squadron.

HMM-Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron.

Hoi Chanh-A Viet Cong or North Vietnamese defector under the Chieu Hoi amnesty program.

Howitzer, 8-inch (M55)-U.S.-built, self-propelled, heavy-artillery piece with a maximum range of 16,900 meters and a rate of fire of one round every two minutes.

Howitzer, 105mm, M101A1-U.S.-built, towed, general purpose light artillery piece with a maximum range of 11,000 meters and maximum rate of fire of four rounds per minute.

Howitzer, 155mm, M114A towed and M109 self-propelled-U.S.-built medium artillery with a maximum range of 15,080 meters and a maximum rate of fire of three rounds per minute. Marines employed both models in Vietnam. The newer and heavier self-propelled M109 was largely road-bound, while the lighter, towed Ml l4A could be moved either by truck or by helicopter.

Howtat-A 4.2 (107mm) mortar tube mounted on a 75mm pack howitzer frame.

HQ or Hq-Headquarters.

HST-Helicopter Support Team.

"Huey"-Popular name for UH-1 series of helicopters.

ICC-International Control Commission, established by the Geneva Accords of 1954 to supervise the truce ending the First Indochina War between the French and the Viet Minh and resulting in the partition of Vietnam at the 17th Parallel. The members of the Commission were from Canada, India, and Poland.

ICJCC-I Corps Joint Coordinating Council, consisting of U.S. and Vietnamese officials in I Corps who coordinated the civilian assistance program.

I Corps-The military and administrative subdivision which included the five northern provinces of South Vietnam.

IDA-Institute for Defense Analysis.



IOD-Integrated Observation Device.

ITT-Interrogation/Translator Team.

J-The designation for members of a joint staff which includes members of several services comprising the command, e.g., J-l would refer to the staff members responsible for personnel; J-2, intelligence; J-3, operations; J-4, logistics; andJ-5, civil affairs.

JCS-Joint Chiefs of Staff (U.S.).

JGS-Joint General Staff (South Vietnamese).

JTD-Joint Table of Distribution.

JUSPAO-Joint U.S. Public Affairs Office.

KC-130-The in-flight refueling tanker configuration of the C-130

Lockheed Hercules. KBA-Killed by Air. KIA-Killed in Action. Kit Carson Scout-Viet Cong defectors recruited by Marines to serve

as scouts, interpreters, and intelligence agents.

Page 730 (1968: The Defining Year)