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Page 729 (1968: The Defining Year)

CAP-Combined Action Platoon.

Cap t-Cap tai n.

CAS-Close Air Support.

CBU-Cluster Bomb Unit.

CCP-Combined Campaign Plan.


CG-Commanding General.

CH^i6-Boeing Vercol Sea Knight, a twin-engine, tandem-rotor transport helicopter, designed to carry a four-man crew and 17 combat-loaded troops.

CH-53-Sikorsky Sea Stalhon, a single-rotor, heavy transport helicopter powered by two shaft-turbine engines with an average payload of 12,800 pounds. Carries crew of three and 38 combat-loaded troops.

CH-54-Sikorsky Sky Crane, U.S. Army, two-engine, single-rotor, heavy transport helicopter with three-man crew and useful payload of 22,890 pounds.

Chieu Hoi-The South Vietnamese amnesty program designed to attract Communist troops and cadre to defect to the government cause.

CICV-Combined Intelligence Center, Vietnam.

CID-Criminal Investigative Division.

CIDG-Civilian Irregular Defense Group, South Vietnamese paramilitary force, composed largely of Montagnards and advised by the U.S. Army Special Forces.

CinCPac-Commander in Chief, Pacific.

CinCPacFlt-Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet.

CIT-Counter Intelligence Team.

Class (I-V)-Categories of military supplies, e.g.. Class I, rations;

Class II, Uniforms and other individual items; Class III, POL;

Class IV, Construction materials; Class V, Ammunition.

Claymore-A U.S. directional antipersonnel mine.

CMC-Commandant of the Marine Corps.

CMH-Center of Military History, Department of the Army.

CNO-Chief of Naval Operations.

CO-Commanding Officer.


COB-Combat Operations Base.

COC-Combat Operations Center.

CoFraM-Controlled Fragmentation Munitions.


Combined Action Program-A Marine pacification program which integrated a Marine infantry squad with a South Vietnamese Popular Force platoon in a Vietnamese village.

ComdC-Command Chronology.

ComdHist-Command History.

ComNavForPac-Commander, Naval Forces, Pacific.

ComNavForV-Commander, Naval Forces, Vietnam.

ComUSMACV-Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.

CORDS-Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support, the agency organized under MACV in May 1967 and charged with coordinating U.S.-Vietnamese pacification efforts.

COSVN-Central Office of South Vietnam, the nominal Communist military and political headquarters in South Vietnam.

County Fair-A sophisticated cordon and search operation in a particular hamlet or village by South Vietnamese troops, police, local officials, and U.S. Marines in an attempt to screen and register the local inhabitants.

CP-Command Post.

CPDC-Central Pacification and Development Council, the South Vietnamese government agency responsible for coordinating the pacification plan.


CRC-Control and Reporting Center, an element of the U.S. Air Force tactical air control system, subordinate to the Tactical Air Control Center, which conducted radar and warning operations.

CRIMP-Consolidated Republic of Vietnam Improvement and Modernization Plan.

C/S- Chief of Staff.

CS-A chemical irritant which affects the upper respiratory system, similar to tear gas.

CSC-Communications Service Company.

CTZ-Corps Tactical Zone.

DAIS-Da Nang Anriinfikration System.

DASC-Direct Air Support Center, a subordinate operational component of the Marine air control system designed for control of close air support and other direct air support operations.

D-Day-Day scheduled for the beginning of an operation.

DD-Navy destroyer.


DIOCC-District Intelligence and Operations Coordination Center.


DMZ-Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Vietnam.

DOD-Department of Defense.

DOIC-District Operations and Intelligence Center

DPP-Data Processing Platoon.

DPS-Data Processing Section.

DRV-Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam).

DSA-District Senior Advisor.

DSS-Da Nang Special Sector.


Duel Blade-The final codename for the DMZ barrier.

Duster-The nickname for the U.S. Army's tracked vehicle, the M-A2, which mounted dual 40mm automatic weapons.

DVA-Da Nang Vital Area.

Dyemarker-Codename for the Strong Point/Obstacle System (also known as the "McNamara Line" and "the barrier") which was constructed south of the DMZ and intended to limit infiltration from North Vietnam. See Practice Nine.

EA-6A-The electronic-countermeasures version of the A-6A Intruder. ECM-Electronic Countermeasures, a major subdivision of electronic

warfare involving actions against enemy electronic equipment or to

exploit the enemy's use of electromagnetic radiations from such

equipment. ELINT-Electronic Intelligence, the intelligence information gained

by monitoring radiations from enemy electronic equipment. Engr-Engineer. EOD-Explosive Ordnance Device.

F-4B-McDonnell Phantom II, a twin-engined, two-seat, long-range,

all-weather jet interceptor and attack bomber. F-8-Chance-Vought Crusader, single-engine, single-seat carrier

fighter aircraft.

Page 729 (1968: The Defining Year)