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Glossary of Terms and


A-1-A-5-Designations for Strong Points which form the Dye-marker barrier.

A-1E-Douglas Skyraider, a propeller-driven, single-engine, attack aircraft.

A-A-Douglas Skyhawk, a single-seat, jet attack aircraft in service on board carriers of the U.S. Navy and with land-based Marine attack squadrons.

A-6A-Grumman Intruder, a twin-jet, twin-seat, attack aircraft specifically designed to deliver weapons on targets completely obscured by weather or darkness.

AAR-After Action Report.

ABCCC-Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center, a U.S. Air Force aircraft equipped with communications, data link, and display equipment; it may be employed as an airborne command post or a communications and intelligence relay facility.

AC-47-Douglas C-47 Skytrain, twin-engine, fixed-wing transport modified with 7.62mm miniguns and used as a gunship.

AC-119-Fairchild Hiller C-119 military transport aircraft remodi-fied into a gunship with side-firing 7.62mm miniguns.

ADC-Assistant Division Commander.

AdminO-Administrative Officer.


AFP-Armed Forces Police.

AGC-Amphibious command ship. The current designation is LCC.

AH-lG-Bell Huey Cobra helicopter specifically designed for close air support.

AK.-A1-Russian-designed Kalashnikov gas-operated 7.62mm automatic rifle, with an effective range of 400 meters. It was the standard rifle of the North Vietnamese Army.

AKA-Attack cargo ship, a naval ship designed to transport combat-loaded cargo in an assault landing. LKA is the current designation.

ALMAR-All Marines, a Commandant of the Marine Corps communication directed to all Marines.

ALO-Air Liaison Officer, an officer (aviator/pilot) attached to a ground unit who functions as the primary advisor to the ground commander on air operation matters.

ALP-Air Liaison Party.

AMERICAL-The U.S. Army's 23d Infantry Division.

AmTrac-Amphibian Tractor.

ANGLICO-Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, an organization composed of Marine and Navy personnel specially qualified for control of naval gunfire and close air support. ANGLICO personnel normally provided this service while attached to U.S. Army, Korean, and ARVN units.

AO-Air Observer, an individual whose primary mission is to observe or to take photographs from an aircraft in order to adjust artillery fire or obtain military information.

AOA-Amphibious Objective Area, a defined geographical area within which is located the area or areas to be captured by the amphibious task force.

APA-Attack transport ship, a naval ship, designed for combat loading elements of a battalion landing team. LPA is the current designation.

APC-Armored Personnel Carrier.

APD-Airborne Personnel Detector.

APT-Armed Propaganda Team, a South Vietnamese pacification cadre who carried weapons in self-defense as they attempted to convince South Vietnamese villagers to remain loyal to the government.

ARA-Aerial Rocket Artillery.

Arclight-The codename for B-52 bombing missions in South Vietnam.

ARG-Amphibious Ready Group.


ARVN-Army of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam).

ASP-Ammunition Supply Point.

ASRT-Air Support Radar Team, a subordinate operational component of a tactical air control system which provides ground controlled precision flight path guidance and weapons release for attack aircraft.

ATDS-Airborne Tactical Data System.

B^O rockets-Communist rocket-propelled grenade.

B-52-Boeing Stratoforeress, U.S. Air Force eight-engine, swept-wing, heavy jet bomber.

BA-Base Area.

BB-Navy Battleship.

BDA-Battle Damage Assessment.

BDC-Base Defense Commander.


BDR-Battle Damage Repair.

BGen-Brigadier General.

BLT-Battalion Landing Team.


Bru-One of several non-Vietnamese ethnic groups living in the Vietnamese highlands; the inhabitants in the Khe Sanh area were primarily Bru.


BUIC-Back-Up Intercept Computer.

C-1-C-3-Designations for base areas which support the Dyemark-er barrier.

C-117D-Douglas Skytrain, a twin-engine transport aircraft. The C-117D was an improved version of the C-47, the military version oftheDC-3.

C-123-Fairchild Provider, two-engine, turboprop, transport aircraft with a maximum payload of 15,000 pounds.

C-130-Lockheed Hercules, a four-engine turboprop transport aircraft.

CAAR-Combat After Action Report.

CACO-Combined Action Company.

CAF-Combined Action Force.

CAG-Combined Action Group.

Page 728 (Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations )