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15 August Provisional Corps Vietnam is deactivated and replaced by XXIV Corps. 23 August Operation Allen Brook ends. This operation resulted in 1,017 reported enemy casualties with 172 Marines killed and 1,124 wounded.

23 August Enemy troops mount their third major offensive by firing on 27 different allied installations and cities including Hue, Da Nang Air Base, and Quang Tri City. The major thrust of this effort is the city of Da Nang. The Communists fall far short of their objective due to resistance of U.S. Army, Marine Corps, and South Vietnamese troops.

24 August The Democratic Party Convention begins in Chicago. Vietnam War protesters clash violently with police for the next four days. 29 September The USS New Jersey (BB 62) arrives off the coast of the DMZ. The arrival of this battleship greatly increases the Navy's firepower and power projection in the eastern DMZ. September Engagements from Operation Kentucky result in 305 reported enemy

casualties with l Marine killed and 8 wounded. 6 October 7th Marines begin Operation Maui Peak, an effort to relieve the Special

Forces base at Thuong Duc in Quang Nam Province. 19 October Operation Maui Peak ends, resulting in 202 reported enemy casualties

with 28 Marines killed and 143 wounded. 23 October Operation Mameluke Thrust ends, resulting in 2,728 reported enemy casualties with 269 Marines killed and 1,730 wounded. 23 October The 5th Marines begins Operation Henderson Hill in Quang Nam Province

as a continuation of Operation Mameluke Thrust. 28 October The 1st Air Cavalry Division begins to move from I CTZ to III CTZ. 31 October President Johnson announces a complete halt in the bombing and naval

bombardment of North Vietnam.

1 November North Vietnamese officials announce that they will meet in Paris with representatives from the United States, South Vietnam, and the National Liberation Front to begin peace talks.

1 November South Vietnamese units, aided by squads and platoons of American troops, begin the Accelerated Pacification (Le Lot) Campaign in order to regain the trust and control of South Vietnamese villages lost due to the major enemy offensives of the year.

2 November South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu states that his nation will not negotiate in Paris if the Communist National Liberation Front is given equal status with the other participants.

3 November Operation Jeb Stuart III ends. This operation resulted in 2,016 reported

enemy casualties with 212 Army personnel killed and 1,512 wounded. 5 November Richard Nixon wins the presidential election by narrowly defeating

Hubert Humphrey. 11 November The Americal Division ends Operation Wheeler/Wallowa after 14 months

in the Nui Loc Son Valley. This operation resulted in a reported 10,020

enemy casualties with 683 Army personnel killed and 3,597 wounded. 20 November The 1st Marines begin Operation Meade River, nine miles south of Da Nang,

in support of the South Vietnamese Accelerated Pacification Campaign. 23 November Operation Lancaster II ends. This operation resulted in a reported 1,800

enemy casualties with 359 Marines killed and 2,101 wounded. 26 November President Johnson states that the peace talks will include the United

States, South Vietnam, and a Communist delegation which consists of

representatives from North Vietnam and the National Liberation Front.

Page 726 (1968: The Defining Year)