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22 January The 1st Battalion, 9th Marines reinforces the garrison at Khe Sanh.

22 January The 1st Air Cavalry Division begins Operation Jeb Stuart in the northern part of I CTZ.

23 January The USS Pueblo (AGER 2), an American intelligence ship, is seized off the

coast of Korea by the North Koreans. 23 January Special Landing Force Bravo consisting of BLT 3/1 and HMM-165 begins

Operation Badger Catch near the Cua Viet River.

26 January Operation Badger Catch is renamed Operation Saline. The Marines in Badger Catch continue to work in conjunction with Operation Napoleon, a similar effort by the 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion to keep the Cua Viet River supply line open.

27 January The seven-day Communist ceasefire for the Tet holiday begins.

29 January The allied ceasefire for the Tet holiday begins in all of South Vietnam except I CTZ.

30 January Enemy troops launch the beginning of their Tet offensive in ICorps, attacking Da Nang and several cities south of the base.

31 January The NVA opens its Tet offensive throughout South Vietnam with attacks against 39 provincial capitals and major cities including Saigon and Hue.

31 January VC troops fail in an attempt to seize the U.S. Embassy in Saigon after breaching the compound.

31 January Gen Leonard F. Chapman becomes the 24th Commandant of the Marine Corps, upon the retirement of the former Commandant, Gen Wallace M. Greene, Jr.

31 January 1st Brigade, 1st Air Cavalry Division launches a counter-offensive air

assault into the city of Quang Tri.

January Operation Kentucky in "Leatherneck Square," south of the DMZ, resulted in 353 reported enemy casualties.

January The Americal Division continues Operation Wheeler/ Wallowa south of Da Nang.

1 February The 1st Brigade, 1st Air Cavalry Division together with ARVN forces successfully defend the city of Quang Tri. The enemy sustained 900 reported casualties and 100 captured.

1 February Richard M. Nixon announces his candidacy for president.

1 February Units of the 1st and 5th Marines begin Operation Hue City to drive the NVA out of the city.

5 February Marines from the 26th Marines at Khe Sanh repel a battalion-sized attack killing a reported 109 NVA soldiers with 7 Marines killed and 15 wounded.

7 February NVA units overrun the Special Forces base at Lang Vei, west of Khe Sanh.

7 February Elements of the 3d Marines, 5th Marines, and the Americal Division engage the 2d NVA Division in fighting around Da Nang.

9 February III MAF units succeed in throwing back the 2d NVA Division offensive at Da Nang.

9 February MACV Forward, under General Creighton B. Abrams, Deputy Commander USMACV, is established in I CTZ at Phu Bai. 13 February The headquarters and combat elements of the 101st Airborne Division

arrive in I CTZ. 16 February Operation Osceola II ends. This operation resulted in 21 reported enemy

casualties with 2 Marines killed and 74 wounded.

23 February NVA troops fire more than 1,300 shells into the Marine garrison at Khe Sanh. This barrage marks the heaviest shelling of the entire siege.

Page 723 (1968: The Defining Year)