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Marine Air Control Squadron 8 (MACS-8)

LtCol Dirk C. Bierhaalder 27Feb-31DEc68*

*MACS-8 Joined MAG-15 from the 2dMAW at MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina on 27Feb68.

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 (VMFA-122) CO Maj Donald L. Waldvoge 131Aug-15Sep68* Maj Don K. Hanna l6Sep-2Oct68 LtCol Lawrence J. Willis 3Oct-3 lDec68

*The squadron was transferred/row MAG-11 in Vietnam to MAG-15 on 31Aug68. Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 223 (VMFA-223) CO LtCol Arthur W. Anthony, Jr. lJan-23Apr68*

*The squadron was transferred to MAG-12 on 23Apr68

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 542 (VMFA-542) CO LtCol Richard C. Marsh lJan-26Jan68 LtCol Robert N. Hutchinson 27Jan-10May68*

*The squadron was transferred to MAG-11 on 10May68.

Marine All-Weather Attack Squadron 235 (VMA (AW)-235)

CO LtCol Anthony L. Blair HMay-Sep68*

*The squdron was transferred from MAG-11 on l lMay68 and then transferred to the 1st Marine Brigade, MCAS Kaneohe, Hawaii on 6 Sep68.

Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 152 (VMGR-152) CO LtCol Royce M. Williams lJan-31Mar68 LtCol Frank G. McLenon lApr-3 lDec68 Special Landing Force Alpha (SLF Alpha)/ Task Group 79.4 (TG 79.4)

CO Col John A. Conway lJan-l4Jan68 Col Bruce F. Meyers 15Jan-10Apr68 LtCol Paul R. Fields l !Apr-2May68 Col Alfred I. Thomas 3May-lAug68 LtCol Paul R. Fields 2Aug-6Aug68 Col Alfred I. Thomas 7Aug-24Aug68 Col John F. McMahon, Jr. 25Aug-31 Dec68 SLF Alpha Battalion Landing Teams (BLTs)* Battalion Landing Team 1/3 (BLT 1/3) CO LtCol Richard W. Goodale lJan-2Jan68 Battalion Landing Team 2/4 (BLT 2/4)

CO LtCol William Weise 3Jan-2May68 Maj Charles W. Knapp 3May^May68 LtCol Louis A. Rann 5May-13Aug68 Battalion Landing Team 2/26 (2/26)

CO LtCol Thurman Owens 13Aug-17Aug68 LtCol William F. Sparks 18Aug-31Dec68

*The assigned BLTs were drawn from III MAF on a rotating basis and returned to III MAF after their respective SLF deployment tours. Special Landing Force Alpha Helicopter Squadrons Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 361 (HMM-361)

CO LtCol Daniel M. Wilson lJan-10Feb68*

*The squadron was transferred to MAG-16 on l OFeb68. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 363 (HMM-363) CO LtCol Frankie E. Allgood 10Feb-25Mar68*

Maj Duwayne W. Hoffert 26Mar-l4Apr68 Maj James L. Harrison 6Sep-28Nov68 Maj Timothy J. Cronin, Jr. 29Nov-7Dec68

* The squadron was transferred to SLF Alpha from MAG-16 on l OFeh68 and detached to MAG-36 on l4Apr68. It was reassigned to SLF Alpha on 6Sep68 and then again returned to MAG-36 on 8Dec68. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 362 (HMM-362)

CO Maj Walter H. Shauer, Jr. l4Apr-6Sep68* LtCol Jack E. Schlarp 7Dec-31Dec68

*The squadron was transferred to SLF Alpha from MAG-36 on l4Apr68 and on 6Sep68 it was then transferred to MAG-16, On 7 Dec68, it reverted once more to SLF Alpha. Special Landing Force Bravo (SLF Bravo)/ Task Group 79.5 (TG 79.5)

CO Col Maynard W. Schmidt lJan-28Feb68 Col Warren A. Butcher 29Feb-5Sep68 Col Robert R. Wilson 6Sep-31Dec68 Special Landing Force Bravo Battalion Landing Teams* Battalion Landing Team 3/1 (BLT 3/1)

CO LtCol Max McQuown lJan-4Jun68 LtCol Daniel J. Quick 5Jun-l 5Jun68 Battalion Landing Team 2/7 (BLT 2/7

CO LtCol Charles E. Mueller 15Jun-30Jul68 LtCol Leroy E. Watson 3 lJul-20Sep68 LtCol Neil A. Nelson 21 Sep-31 Dec68

*The SLF Bravo BLTs like the BLTs in SLF Alpha rotated in and out to the SLF from 111 MAF. Special Landing Force Bravo Helicopter Squadrons Detachment Alpha, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 262 (HMM-262)

CO Maj David A. Althoff lJan-2Jan68* ^Detachment Alpha, equipped with CH-46s; remained with the SLF while the remainder of the squadron was involved in a massive helicopter repair program. The remainder of the squadron rejoined Detachment Alpha on 3jan68. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 165 (HMM-165)

LtCol Richard E. Romine 10Jan-3Mar68* LtCol George L. Patrick, Jr. lSep-28Dec68

* The squadron transferred to the SLF from MAG-36 on 10Ja"68. It was relieved m 3Mar68 by HMM-164. It returned to the SLF on !Sep68 and then relieved again by HMM-164 on 28Dec68.

Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 164 (HMM-164) CO LtCol Robert F. Rick 3Mar-l6Jun68* LtCol Richard T. Trundy 28Dec-3 lDec68

*The squadron relieved HMM-165 on 3Mar68 and was in turn relieved by HMM-265 m 16Jun68. On 28Dec68, it once more returned to the SLF. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 265 (HMM-265)

CO LtCol Robert J. Edwards l6Jun-lSep68

*The squadron was assigned to SLF Bravo from MAG-16 on 16Jun68 and was in turn relieved on lSep68 by HMM-165.

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