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Page 703 (1968: The Defining Year)

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30. Based on data from M.C. Personnel Statistics. On 31 December 1967, the Marine Corps had 6,326 first lieutenants on active duty. Of these, 3,800 were ground officers, and 3,493 had more than four years enlisted service. Since almost all of the 4,059 temporary officers should have been first lieutenants by this time, almost all of the first lieutenants with more than four years enlisted service must have been temporary officers. This is further supported by the fact that only 453 captains and 133 second lieutenants had more than four years enlisted service at this time, for a total of 4,079 company grade officers. Even allowing for casualties, other attrition, and the possibility of promotion from second lieutenant to major in less than three years, temporary officers accounted for somewhere on the order of 3,200-3,350 first lieutenants. Since all temporary officers were ground officers, the bulk of ground-assignable first lieutenants must have been temporary officers.

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Page 703 (1968: The Defining Year)