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Page 702 (1968: The Defining Year)

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Unless otherwise noted the material in this chapter is derived from:

HQMC Msg File; Department of Defense, United States-Vietnam Relations, 1956-1967, 12 bks (Washington: GPO, 1971), hereafter Pentagon Papers with appropriate section title and book, and section, volume or tab, and page number; Commandant's Reference Notebook, hereafter CMC Reference Notebook with appropriate year and tab; Col James W. Marsh, USMC (Ret) inrvw with Capt David A. Dawson, 26Feb92, hereafter Marsh intvw; Headquarters, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Subj: Strength Report-Vietnam, hereafter MACV Strength Report; III MAF ComdCs; Department of Defense, OASD (Comptroller), Directorate for Information Operation and Control, Selected Manpower Statistics, (Washington, D.C.) 1968-1975, hereafter Selected Manpower Statistics with appropriate years; Bureau of Naval Personnel, Navy and Marine Corps Military Personnel Statistics, hereafter M.C. Personnel Statistics; Marine Corps Personnel Data Bases held by the Center for Naval Analyses, hereafter CNA Database; Headquarters Marine Corps Central Files, hereafter CF with appropriate year.

The average strength of line battalions was derived by taking the "average monthly strength" as reported in the command chronology of every infantry battalion not configured as a BLT in Vietnam for which this information was available. Average rifle company strength was derived from the unit diary report closest to the date in question for the first letter company of every battalion in Vietnam, with the exception of battalions for which this information was not available. The average strength of infantry battalion headquarters and service companies was derived in the same manner, using all H&S companies for which information was available save those in BLTs. The average strength of regimental headquarters companies was derived from the unit diary reports of the headquarters company for every regiment in Vietnam for the date in question.

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Page 702 (1968: The Defining Year)