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Page 494 (1968: The Defining Year)

DASC air control agencies should be at III MAF headquarters rather
than in the 1st Wing compound. General Cushman and his staff supported
the Air Force rather than the wing commander relative to the location
of the I Corps DASC at III MAF.23

While the question of the location of I DASC remained in abeyance,
on 18 March 1968, Major General Anderson in a message to both Generals
Cushman and General Krulak outlined what he considered the weakness
of single manager to date. In tact, according to the 1st MAW commander,
the system was not working. Anderson believed that MACV and the Seventh
Air Force, "in the haste to implement the procedure," overlooked too
many details and the necessary air control facilities were simply not
prepared to take on their new tasks. Anderson admitted, however, that
the Marine and Air Force agencies were identifying and sorting out many
of the problems and that the wing was receiving "more cooperation than
expected." The wing commander promised to "provide information, assistance,
and assets as requested and required to make the actual transition as
smooth as possible." At the same time, he declared "until such time
as 7th AF/MACV can formulate, man, and put into being a modus operand!
for I Corps, the wing will continue to do what is needed to operate
and provide the necessary support." As he concluded, "I see no other
way to go, without causing undue risk to our ground Marine currently
in critical contact."24

The following day, in a personal note to General McCutcheon, Major General Anderson enclosed his report of the first week's operations under single manager that he had forwarded to General Cushman. The wing commander half humorously wrote: "If it reads in a disjointed fashion, and therefore gives the impression of describing a disjointed maneuver, it is a perfect piece of writing." He observed that for III MAF and the wing the subject of single manager was a "closed issue. We have to, always hoping that you will be more effective in Washington than anyone else has been up the line." In an earlier letter, Anderson had assured McCutcheon that "we will break our backs to

Unnumbered Department of Defense (USMC) Photo

Thomas H. Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations, center, visits with VAdm
William F. Bringle, Seventh Fleet Commande, left. Adm Moorer, like the
Commandant of the Marine Corps and Army Chief of Staff, supported the
Marine position on single manager.

Page 494 (1968: The Defining Year)