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Page 437 (1968: The Defining Year)

Photo is from the Col Robert G. Lauffer, USMC (Ret). Collection

One can see the formidable nature of the enemy bunkers
with their reinforced timbers that the Marines encountered during Meade
River. This bunker was in the Hook sector.

area, and gave indications of again preparing for a thrust against Dien Ban/Hoi An and Da Nang . . . ."86

By that rime, though, the 1st Marine Division had turned its attention to
another operation. Far to the west, a new subordinate command of the
division was to strike at a major enemy base area in an operation named
Taylor Common.

Operation Taylor Common

As Operation Meade River ground to a close, MACV ordered a strike
into Base Area 112, the rugged mountainous region southwest of the Arizona
Territory, between the Song Thu Bon and the Song Cai. Base Area 112
was a staging and logistic base for enemy units operating in southern
Quang Nam Province. Multi-layered jungle canopy 70-feet thick concealed
an estimated 7,000 North Vietnamese troops of the 21st Regiment,
the 3d Battalion, 68B Rocket Regiment, and the 2d
Battalion, 141st Regiment
, as well as support and headquarters

Under the codename Operation Taylor Common, Brigadier General Ross
T. Dwyer, Jr., one of the two assistant division commanders, would form
and command an ad hoc organization under the 1st Marine Division, dubbed
Task Force Yankee.* The Task Force was built around Colonel James B.
Ord's 5th Marines, which would include BLT 2/7, with the normal complement
of supporting organizations. Lieutenant Colonel Raymond B. Ingrando's
1st Field Artillery Group served as the higher headquarters for a force
of two direct support artillery battalions and elements of other units,
including 8-inch howitzers, 155mm guns, and 175mm guns.88

* General Dwyer, who a.s a colonel commanded the 1st Marines until
14 August, became a 1st Marine Division ADC on 15 August upon his promotion
to brigadier general. Brigadier General Carl W. Hoffman on 18 August
became the second ADC with the division. General Hoffman was previously
an ADC with the 3d Marine Division until his transfer to the 1st Marine
Division. Hoffman while with the 1st Marine Division served in a dual
capacity as G-3 or operations officer for III MAF. He later wrote that
Major General Ormond R. Simpson, who relieved General Youngdale as division
commander on 21 December 1968, called him [Hoffman]. "his phantom ADC."
General Youngdale on that date relieved Major General Rathvon McC. Tompkins
as Deputy Commanding General, III MAF. Sec Command and Staff list and
MajGen Carl W. Hoffman, Comments on draft, dtd 15Dec94 (Vietnam Comment

Page 437 (1968: The Defining Year)